Talk about car maintenance, how to choose the place 4S shop maintenance or repair shop?

Car maintenance in the end how to choose 4S shops, general repair shop? LIsten to how the riders, said: “I would choose maintenance on the outside, relative prices than many”, “on the outside, acquaintances shop, comes with oil,” “4S shop, because good technology,” “outside, 4S shop after all, it Is too expensive “,” 4S shop routine too deep “,” 4S shop, because out of my Car, 4S shop price almost “,” just buy a Car, hesitation “…

cooked as saying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, Car maintenance really do a lot of riders. First insurance period, because almost everyone Will want to give up the quality had to choose 4S shops. Out of the warranty period, you have a variety of choices. From the beginning of July, the country’s new policy, even if not in Auto 4S shop maintenance during the warranty period, you can enjoy the manufacturers warranty policy. ThIs means that the owner can choose the way of maintenance, then what are we to choose? Xiao Bian a simple analysIs of the advantages and dIsadvantages of various maintenance.

4S shop – advantages: high technician level, good equipment conditions, compared to other more specialized maintenance and Care. Repair and maintenance at the same time, then, most of the original pieces. DIsadvantages: time-consuming, costly, routine deep, add-ons and more.

Auto repair shop – advantages: wide dIstribution, to facilitate saving maintenance; maintenance services and similar 4S shop; low price DIsadvantages: uneven level technicians, equipment Is relatively poor, Accessories generally have original pieces, brand parts, and three kinds of sub-parts factory, a lot of roadside repair shops often secretly swap maintenance materials, shoddy.

home maintenance – advantages: convenience strongest, time and place of the decIsion by the owners themselves, the owners only need an appointment phone, the keys to the former maintenance technician, maintenance after completion of the cross money to retrieve the key. Cons: no professional lift, construction safety Is not high; quality control can not be guaranteed; maintenance master level uneven.

including maintenance are what? Maintenance routine maintenance Is generally divided into small and large maintenance Small maintenance: oil changes and oil filter large maintenance: oil changes, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, brake fluid ,gearbox oil. In addition, standardizedMaintenance inspection process further comprIsing a tire tread, the chassIs inspection brake pads, brake dIscs, suspension arm, the bottom plate, oil leakage, and the check engine light checking the fluid level

. In general, little maintenance Is relatively simple, you can complete yourself, or major maintenance Is recommended to the store to do. A certain brand of engine maintenance supplies, using high-tech nano graphene material, does not change the nature of the oil, anti-wear, wear sCar repair, reduce oil consumption, noIse reduction, and promote complete combustion of fuel, increase engine power, reduce the effectiveness of exhaust emIssions, effective solution to burning oil because parts wear occurs, take the blue smoke and so on.