Taizhou car was sprayed body was red, the fire overnight, touching the reasons behind

Just today Taizhou a “Car was sprayed with fire word” word when it comes to spray a lot of people do not think how strange, like parking violations were sprayed word Is not uncommon, and as it Is today could not help but gush after word seen the heart shocked, very moved, also received a warm dIscussion of many users.

Car was sprayed in red, white Car extraordinarily loud, on the right side of the Car that read “I love the man, I’m gone,” wrote vehicles “7 years” tail Is written, “I go,” a small New York Hyundai ix25 Is filled red, and write “dIsappointed” the word most people uncomfortable or window, you can see a young woman writing in the period after a sweet feeling, but also for various reasons abandoned man, heart and extreme sadness, Why they wrote in the Car so heroic acronym, it Is people feel some regret.

According to understand, the Car owner was a tall, handsome little brother, it Is a work in Taizhou Kara OK, Car he stopped on the road work places, when I saw the time has been full of people, the men are forced to wipe, trying to erase the word, but the effect Is not large, underground keep seeing a paint bucket and brush . After stepped forward to ask that, man said hIs ex-girlfriend wrote, he proposed after breaking up with hIs girlfriend, the next morning to see them painted ‘full word. The reason Is nothing more than a common love problems of young people, but also can not help being a lively dIscussion of many users.

users a: Woman Care of 7-year relationship and dIsappointment, while men Care about Is Car

User II: warm love, hate tragic, can be felt across the screen broken heart, sad girl, Why always hurt a woman.

User three: the intentional destruction of property, sentenced to up to a certain amount, or detention, the girl had a little bit of practice, feeling has always been consensual, not reluctantly.

In fact, thIs word to spray paint shop 4S polIshing wax can be processed, to get a few hundred dollars, the Car can be very accommodatingEasy to fix, but the feelings still need to dilute the time, you see how thIs welcome message dIscussed.