Summer weapon can launch remote air conditioning models recommended

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Recently temperatures continue to rIse, often just left the house began to sweat, sweat began to take two steps, and open the door found the cabin Is more like a steamer in general, very very bored. How can we avoid opening the door after blowing heat wave? How to make yourself more elegant at the time of the summer travel? Recently it has become a problem of great concern to many of my friends, we gave you recommend the following six air conditioning with remote start function models, several models that can achieve the goal by using the remote start air conditioning APP or smart key, you can so that consumers cool summer travel more comfortable.

because everyone’s budget and favorite models are different, so six models covering today recommended price range Is very large, while today recommended six Car also it includes Cars, SUV, MPV and other models, let’s take a look at their specific performance.

recommended models and MSRP interval models MSRP (million) BYD Song MAX 7.99-12.99 Chang CS55 8.39-13.29 Fick consIsting GAC light 20.98-31.98 Lincoln MKZ 26.18-36.18 SAIC Cadillac XT5 35.99-41.99 Pacific Volvo XC60 36.99- 47.99 love Card network tabulation

Song MAX owners can download mobile APP BYD cloud service can be reached by APP the purpose of the air-conditioning remote start, while the APP supports open air reservation.

Song family appearance of the latest MAXThe “Dragon Face” front design, huge grille and headlamps as a single entity, rich three-dimensional. Floating roof design also makes it more dynamic.

Song MAX interior design Is simple, with a large number of soft material package interior, and texture workmanship They are relatively good. 12.8 inches in the control dIsplay technology to enhance the sense of interior, black / brown color with color design Is to create a warm interior ambience.

SONG MAX whole system are equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 113kW (154Ps), peak torque of 240Nm.

TransmIssion side, Is matched with the engine 6-speed manual transmIssion or a dual clutch six-speed gearbox.

models Summary: Song MAX by way of the phone APP operations to remote open air, which allows Car owners to live more diverse, and open appointment air-conditioning function Is no doubt that the owner can use the Car more comfortable in summer or winter.

Is matched with Changan CS55 APP Is inCall, incall controlled by the owner Car air-conditioning ON / OFF. It Is worth mentioning that the owner of the Car air-conditioning temperature can be controlled remotely by inCall.

Chang’an Chang’an CS55 using the latest design ideas to create the overall shape Is very rich layering, a large number of horizontal lines stretching the vIsual width of the vehicle. StylIsh body side molding, body swooping wave jump design and spermaceti tailed C-pillar of the vehicle to enhance the degree of recognition.

Chang’an CS55 interior sense of great design, black / red color with the design gives a full of sense of movement. While the center console area button layout Is reasonable, workmanship and texture also maintained a consIstent brand Changan fine.

Power, Changan CS55 whole system equipped with 1.5L 4-cylinder inline Blue Core turbocharged engine may burst 115kW (156Ps) maximum power and peak torque of 225Nm.

TransmIssion side, Is matched with the engine 6-speed manual transmIssion or a 6-speed manual gearbox.

models Summary: Chang’an CS55 APP uses the same way to achieve the purpose of remote control of air conditioning Is turned on, the control interface Is simple and clear. Remotely adjust the temperature of air-conditioned function, making the remote control function of Chang’an CS55 more attractive to consumers.

BYD Song MAX / Chang’an CS55

Car air conditioning Is turned on remotely free light Is done through smart key, double-click the right lower corner of the button, you can remotely start the engine, and Automatic air conditioning Will start to work. When the owner of the smart key remote start the engine for 15 minutes, the engine Will Automatically turn off in order to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

consIsting of very light shines dynamic appearance and recognizable, Jeep trademark seven-hole grille, elongated headlights fluent lines and tough, people Will always have to go together to drive impulse.

with the interior design freedom light appearance as straightforward, mainly operation console knob plus button, use a large area of ​​soft materials, enhance the sense of quality interior.

Power, consIsting of light and are equipped with 2.0L 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum former power 114kW (155Ps), peak torque of 190Nm. The latter maximum power 128.5kW (175Ps), peak torque 227.5Nm.

TransmIssion side, Is matched with the engine speed manual gearbox 9, known to ride comfort. In addition, free light equipped with intelligent four-wheel Active Drive system that provides professional-grade four-wheel drive, it also brings outstanding fuel economy.

models Summary: free light did not like the other models uses the same way APP remotely turn on the air conditioner, but remotely via the smart key to open the air-conditioning mode Is also convenient enough . In addition, the default settings are also free to light up remote start the engine Automatically turn off after 15 minutes, after the remote start still remains locked doors and other functions, which allows Car owners to use more peace of mind.

Lincoln MKZ owners can remotely start the air conditioner through the channel download mobile APP Lincoln, the air conditioning state Is set to Automatic, not the air conditioning turned off when the vehicle Is off, before the Car remotely start the engine by APP, Car air-conditioning Will be open simultaneously.

MKZ design combines a sense of power and beauty, Star grille making the entire front face looks more atmospheric, with the iconic Lincoln throughout taillight enhance the appearance recognizable.

MKZ’s interior features a more traditional American luxury design, beautiful lines but patchwork, Structured. The whole interior Is very atmospheric, selected materials at the same time work Is also very fine, creating a nice texture and luxurious atmosphere.

Dynamic aspect, provided MKZ 2.0T high / low power for consumer choice of two engines, wherein the high power 2.0T engine maximum power of 186kW (253Ps), peak torque of 389Nm.

models Summary : MKZ way remote start air conditioning Is done by APP, more convenient. No need to close the air before stalling ensure that the next Car with remote startair conditioning.

New York Automobile Fick free light / Lincoln MKZ

XT5 owners can download mobile APP OnStar to remotely start the Car air conditioner, the vehicle Is off when not turn off air conditioning, remote start the engine by APP before the Car, the Car air-conditioning Will be open simultaneously.


XT5 consIstent continuation of the family of diamond-cutting design, tearful headlamps and uses design, good vIsual effects. Shield grille design, rich vIsual experience, but also reflects the work XT5 Is very delicate.

XT5 lines of the center console design Is very rich, and sketched out a certain sense of depth. Interior used a lot of soft material, while the use of leather-wrapped, very delicate touch to enhance the sense of quality.

XT5 2.0T engine equipped with two different power, model name, respectively 25T and 28T. Wherein the high-power version of the model used 28T engine maximum power of 198kW (269Ps), peak torque of 400Nm.

Is matched with the engine speed manual gearbox 8, compared to the previous generation of the 6-speed manual gearbox, in terms of fuel the response speed gearbox or the economy, thIs 8-speed manual gearbox have a better performance.

models Summary : XT5 remotely turn on the air conditioner way through OnStar Is on, and as deep plowing Internet company Car field for many years, and compared to other APP products, OnStar Is more comprehensive, and more humane, the overall user feedback Is also quite good, but the remote start also need air conditioning does not close before the last turn off air conditioning.

Volvo XC60 owners can remotely open air via download mobile APP Volvo On Call. It Is worth mentioning that,The APP supports schedule power on the Car air conditioner, air conditioning Is turned on and can set up multiple times.

Volvo’s new family of design has been fully reflected in the XC60, delicate appearance, rich layering of the front face and elegant lines, making the XC60 look amazing enough. “Quake” headlights and “Viking Ax” taillight Is to make it highly recognizable.

full of changes of interior lines and elegant interior materials, so that the interior of the XC60 has the excellent vIsual effects and luxurious atmosphere. Seemingly simple interior, every detail Is filled with exquIsite sense, creating a simple beauty at the same time without losing the texture.

are provided a Volvo XC60 2.0T high / low power for consumers to choose the engine, wherein 2.0T high power engine maximum power of 187kW (254Ps), peak torque of 350Nm.

TransmIssion side, to match the engine speed Is 8 manual transmIssion, shift logic clear, the shift speed Is faster.

models Summary: remote start air-conditioning mode XC60 was started by APP, APP concIse interface design, in which the timing of the open air Is very out of color. It Is worth mentioning that the only Zhiyuan and above models can be remotely started by APP air conditioning, but the following version of the model Zhiyuan ventilation function can be activated by the key fob remote.

Comments: The six models are recommended by their good reputation in the price range of models, product competitiveness Is stronger than the six Cars. In terms of air-conditioning remote start, whether through smart key, or to complete the remote start function by APP, are more convenient. Six models covering price range Is relatively large, I believe that after reading thIs article you can find a better fit for your summer weapon.

SAIC Cadillac XT5 / WoCarbo Pacific XC60