Summer Wars! Reputation of the best of three hybrid models, so you can turn off the air conditioning blowing!

air conditioning hybrid Cars are becoming more common on the street, but whether it Is hybrid owners or prospective owners Chibidaigou are coming soon for the summer skeptical about the use of the vehicle , but there was a saying, hybrid Car in the parking stall air conditioning, battery power can support only three minutes. But hybrid technology Is mature, but Best Buy’s three hybrid vehicles, even though the summer heat, the election of these models are also properly the completed.

1, New York Toyota Ralink dual engine guide: 139 800 -15.98 ten thousand yuan(CNY) at 5,000 yuan for terminal benefits of Toyota’s main models, dual engine Ralink in hybrid technology with almost Lexus same, compared with ordinary Cars has also been further improved in power and fuel economy. Analog suture style design not only practical and gave people the illusion of real ones. The electric motor Is powered by a 1.8L 99Ps self-priming engine and maximum torque of 207N ยท m of a composition, with intelligent and efficient E-CVT, the overall fuel consumption performance Is quite satIsfactory.

2, BYD Qin 1.5T Exclusive type guide price: 185,900 yuan subsidy dIscount: 46 thousand yuan appearance in 2019, still have a very strong vIsual impact, integrated taillight Although some grandiose design, but in thIs era of the pursuit of individual you dare say no one Will like? Inside some simple and crude, a 12.8 inches large LCD screen occupies the entire central control area, there Is no aesthetic design, and good retention of physical buttons for air conditioning pulled one back.

3, BMW X1 new energy guide price: 396,800 yuan maximum dIscount: 36,000 yuan full-size Car for the 4565/1821 / 1613mm, 2780mm wheelbase plus a reasonable optimization so that the X1 has a leapfrog type of passenger performance. On the power, the maximum power of 1.5T 136Ps supplemented with a three-cylinder engine maximum torque of 165Nm the motor 6 to match the transmIssion speed. Hybrid version of the BMW X1 dynamic performance in dual-engine mode better than the X1 xDrive25Li, oil and electricity throughout the switching process Is quite smooth.