Summer proper use of car air conditioners, how to use more fuel-efficient car air conditioning?

summer, intolerable heat, no air conditioning if the Car really can not stay. But then again, Automotive air conditioning you really use it? Automotive air conditioning Is not simply press a button so simple, the owner Is very easy mIstakes in the use of air conditioning in the process, ranging from the impact of air conditioning performance and life, leading Automotive oil costs, serious endanger human health and even life-threatening. Today, the editors just as we chat: how to properly use Car air conditioners, how to use more fuel-efficient Car air conditioning.


the first window and then open air exposure. After exposure the Car, do not worry air conditioning, but open windows, doors, lower the temperature inside the Car, and after a few minutes to close the windows open air, so not only can make the Car put out toxic substances, and the cooling effect Is better .

we often see, some women drivers tend to not turn off the air conditioning and died the next time you start the Car, they often Will start with air conditioning , high-load operation of the engine Is very hurt, so here we emphasize, be sure to turn off the air conditioning off!

certain air conditioning use in the summer cycle of alternating inside and outside use, if long-term use in the cycle, then the air quality Will decline, but less and less oxygen, if outside the Car the air Is good, it may open the outer loop, so that the air inside and outside of the back and forth cycle, improve air quality inside the Car, if the outside happens to be fog and haze or dust storms, it Is not recommended to use the outer loop, the summer when people use air conditioning Do not ignore thIs feature!

Some owners got on like air conditioning, sometimes obviously no air conditioning Is necessary, but the habit. To know the regular start air conditioning, Will lead to aging of the rubber ring, the lubricating oil on the internal air-conditioning of the components also become dry, one to two to shorten the life of the air conditioner.