Summer, open the car air-conditioning refrigeration Is not found, the old driver experiences more easily solved!

summer, found open Car air conditioning Is not cooling, older drivers experience more easy to solve!

thIs summer on a high temperature, even if the open air, driving a Car in sesame oil cedar walking on the road can feel harsh weather. Not to mention if the air conditioning Is not cooling, it Is really hard to call again and again. If such a thing did not want to happen, so early prevention must be good. Let us analyze, for several reasons air conditioning Is not cooling, and then propose solutions corresponding measures according to the cause.

condenser Is dirty. Summer often find bad air conditioning, no air-conditioning system to detect problems, high and low pressure normal, when the owners Will often recommend to do a repair shop 4s tank cleaning activities. Clean the water tank, the main purpose of the condenser Is the heat, Yang Xu spring catkins are paste on the condenser Will cause the engine temperature Is too high or bad air conditioning thIs phenomenon, so when we get together in the spring owners sure to check the water tank paste a lot of fluff. Must pay attention to cleaning the first blow clean with blow guns, water guns with clean otherwIse counterproductive, not only the poor air conditioning fuel consumption Will increase.

the air filter clogging. In addition to the condenser, as well as air conditioning filter also affect the “air-conditioned” an important factor. Air filter, we should be very familiar with, its role Is to stop the dust outside the Car into the Car. It actually does not affect the air-conditioning refrigeration work, but if the filter Is badly clogged, it Will affect the wind turbine, thus reducing air-conditioned “cooling effect.” General air filter Is mounted inside the glove box of the co-pilot, remove the glove box you can see, some are in the engine compartment, if it Is your own Car to the maintenance of time, that should be clear.

too much or too little refrigerant. Refrigerant too much or too little can cause the Car air conditioner Is not cooling. For too much refrigerant, usually in the service when overfill the refrigerant caused by thIs, because the proportion of the air conditioning system refrigerant volume Is occupied by certain requirements. If the proportion occupied too much, it Will affect the amount of heat dIssipation, i.e., heat radiation amount of the cooling capacity Is large; the other hand, the less heat cooling capacity Is small; if insufficient air conditioning system refrigerant from the expansion valve into the evaporator injected the refrigerant Will be reduced, the systemWhen the refrigerant evaporated in the evaporator. The heat absorbed Will fall, cooling capacity also declined.

as well as air conditioning flap motor damage thIs failure Is relatively rare, but once a problem it Is in trouble, flap motors are generally located in the lower part of the instrument Taichung, master switch belonging to air conditioning vents, which means that the switch Is broken Is broken, even if the air conditioning refrigeration cold can only be drilled out of the crevices, great harm than meaning. When you find the air conditioning vents are not out of the wind, you should watch out, replace the flap motors require demolition dashboard, it works on the vast.

The proper use of Automobile air-conditioning. The temperature Is not low, do not adjust air conditioning temperature set too low, people feel most comfortable temperature Is 20 ℃ ~ 23 ℃. Automatic air conditioned Car simply press the “AUTO” button on the air conditioning panel, everything Is done by the on-board computer. Do not stop long air conditioning, try to avoid prolonged open air while suspended, in order to avoid the pressure and temperature of the air conditioning system Is too high, causing damage to the air conditioning system and the engine. Driving the first window, in the hot sun for a long time to stop the Car so as not to immediately open air, should open doors and windows to let the temperature inside the Car and then the open air after a slight decline.