Summer driving Headaches, air conditioning system does not cool, the owner should be how to do?

Just yesterday, New York has released thIs year’s first high yellow warning!

believe that small partners have long been the summer, iced watermelon, cold drinks, air conditioning prepared. Hot summer days, the most maddening thing about it Is the air conditioning Is not cooling, and resembles the “oven” in the Car, if the air conditioning was not cold occurs most “lethal” it.

with the seasons, the temperature gradually increased, the Car’s air conditioning and frequently into the rhythm of work. Thanks to the invention of scientIsts in air conditioning while, if we find the open air encountered no refrigeration situation, how to solve it? Today we’ll talk about those things together Automotive air conditioning it.

no refrigeration Cause 1

lack of refrigerant

First, we to understand the principles of the vehicle air conditioner refrigerant: low-pressure steam within the refrigeration system refrigerant Is sucked and compressed to a high pressure steam back to the condenser, the air compressor Is circulated continuously, so as to achieve a decrease in temperature.

Simply put household air-conditioning and refrigeration principle that we are familiar with Is the same, are using instant R12 or R134a (Freon a) compression release , rapid expansion of the volume of the principle of absorbing thermal energy for cooling.

most people encounter when air conditioning Is not cool, the first reaction Is the lack of fluoride, fluoride should be added.

In fact, the lack of refrigerant Is just one of the reasons leading to the air-conditioning Is not cooling, but now the Car as long as regular maintenance and inspection, and had no collIsion occurs, basically does not appear the lack of refrigeration agent in thIs case.

If the confirmation Is a refrigerant leak, it Is necessary to check the specific location of the leak in the air conditioning system piping, air conditioning pumps, condensers, evaporators, etc. box member. The refrigerant may be added while adding phosphor, the vehicle after a period of time, again checking the air conditioning system, if the leak lights, it means that the member Is damaged, repair or replacement.

2 no refrigeration reason

the condenser to be cleaned

There are air conditioning does not cool the refrigerant may be a problem, but thIs Is not the most common problem.

According to relevant survey statIstics, because the Car air conditioner Is not cooling, 70% of all because the condenser Is too dirty, too much dust, resulting in poor heat dIssipation caused of.

Since the mounting position of the condenser front, together with dust, what catkins, a long time Is very easy to dirty condenser, a surface covered with foreign body , over time more and more dirty, thereby affecting the heat. Poor cooling effect, air conditioning Will naturally not cool.

The method of cleaning the condenser Is also very simple, rinsed with water directly on the line. But it should be noted that, due to the cooling of the condenser Is made of aluminum material, soft texture, remember to use water cannons similar Car wash pressure Is not too big, not too close dIstance to prevent aluminum blades are bending, so that the water gun spray angle and the inclination angle of the fins to be consIstent.

after condenser rinse, you can try again air-conditioning cooling effect Is good, in most cases, the effect Is obvious.

Is not cooling reason 3

need to clean up the air filter

dirty filter Will also air conditioning and refrigeration effect impact. The role of air-conditioning filter Is to block the dust into the Car outside the Car, use a long time after, in the air filter Will accumulate dirt, odor and even blockage of the situation. When the air filter blocked with dust foreign bodies, it Will seriously affect the air volume, high wind gear appears to open when a lot of noIse, but the actual amount of wind Is very small, so the cold air blowing out Will be reduced a lot, affect the cooling effect.

Many people may not know the location of air conditioning filter, air filter most are inside the glove box, and some in the engine compartment. After removal, we can use air gunOr a small brush to clean out dust from air-conditioning filter surface. If the air filter Is dirty, the proposed replacement of the best.

As the outside air into the air filter of the first vehicle barrier, it Is easy to become dirty or clogged, requiring periodic cleaning, preferably a year before summer a replacement.

summer use of air conditioning pain points

air conditioning odor

air conditioning smell Is so many owners headaches problem, long time vehicle Will produce an unpleasant odor air conditioning. ThIs Is what causes it? ThIs Is difficult to remove the odor

In fact, the Car air conditioner emitted from the evaporation tank. Air conditioning evaporator tank located inside the instrument panel, when the air conditioner Is turned on, the cold heat exchange needs of the evaporation tank, a large amount of condensed water to the surface. While the outside air enters the dust may Carry a variety of bacteria, impurities and the like, and these substances Will adhere to the surface of the condensate in the evaporation tank.

At the same time due to the evaporation tank when the air conditioning does not work long-term in warm, dark, moIst environments, can easily create a large variety of bacteria and molds, mildew in the event of a suitable environment Will multiply rapidly, resulting in air conditioning smell.

At present, almost all models of the evaporation tank in the back of the center console, so in order to thoroughly clean the evaporator tank must be removed in order to clean the center console, Is obviously time-consuming and laborious.

However, the market now a popular method for cleaning vIsualization of the evaporation tank, through the instrument with the endoscope, targeted cleaning dirty. The advantage of thIs method Is certainly convenient, economical, but requires the use of special equipment, it Is recommended to owners or professional cleaning shop cleaning, cleaning once every other year.

For the current Car air conditioning has not produced the owners odor, teach you a retard evaporation tank odor most effective way Is approaching each destination a few minutes before stopping, the air conditioner “A / C” button to close, but does not close the fan, the air to be naturally evaporated box tableMoIsture surface dry and then shut down.

Although the compressor Will shut down a few minutes early, but the outlet out of the wind or cold, does not affect the owner’s driving experience, thIs can also fuel-efficient, oh.

written in the last

Finally, to remind everyone that many people like to make the temperature Is very low, it Will affect their health. So the air-conditioning temperature adjustment must be appropriate, the most appropriate body feeling temperature Is 20 ℃ to 25 ℃, the temperature inside the Car air-conditioning should also be controlled at the range, or likely to suffer from air conditioning dIsease.