Summer car wash Note these four points, or far away from doing paint

summer as winter Car wash not completely cold stretch Is not shot, while washing the Car basically dried up, so more and more Car owners choose their Car washing at home. But summer in addition to not (direct sunlight drops easy to form a convex lens effect, condensing heat accumulation, make your Car into a “pockmarked face”), can not be cleaned too often in the hot sun outside the Car wash, there are several Issues that need attention, otherwIse love Car really far away from the paint redone.

First, Carry a bucket Car wash

Some who lives in high-rIse owners of the Car wash when the water receiving too much trouble, usually directly Carry buckets of water. But I believe that many Car wash owners often know, after back and forth several times to clean the body, the bucket Will be a lot of sediment, if hidden inside the Car wash towels or cotton, it Is undoubtedly like taking sandpaper polIshed Car, the harm Is self-evident .

Second, wash with detergent behind

To make life really, I believe that at least half of the owners chose to directly the detergent behind the house, washing detergent, indeed, foam Is sufficient, clean good results. But it contains the basic ingredients has quietly between corroding paint, one or two do not feel anything, once a long time, the Car may lose its luster.

Third, with crude fiber cloth Car wash

Some Car owners more Careless, that rag does not have similar thing Is not necessary so pay attention, paint did not imagine fragile. Yes, crude fiber cloth Will not Car how, but over time, held to the light to see, may be a lot of hair scratches, a Road “SCar” red fruit exposed to the sun, you do not feel bad ?

Fourth, the Car wash Is not protective

Sometimes washing the face Is what Will rub cream while nourIshing the skin can protect the skin, cut off from soiling and body waxing Is the reason children. Many owners easily ignore thIs step, immediately wash the Car out of the waves. However, no protective paint surface, dust in the air, flying gravel road friction collIsion, very hurt!