Summer air conditioning Is not cold enough? The reason a lot of people ignore!

A lot of people complain about the summer air conditioning Is not cold enough, most people think that the weather Is too hot? And the answer Is absolutely, in large part because the engine compartment temperature Is high as a result, so there are many reasons for the high temperature of the engine compartment, such as the installation of the engine guard, or the manufacturers of the heat from the engine compartment Isolation Is not good enough, everything Is cost.

FIG e.g. owner of the engine cover temperature tests found, stay the vehicle engine temperature Is very high, even if a large fan opened, Is still up to a temperature of 60 degree, you can imagine how much impact on the air-conditioning refrigeration, let’s look at a map to know!

against the owner of the low-pressure pipe conditioned measuring temperature gun, even if the air conditioning maximum, minimum transfer pipe temperature Is up to 33 degrees, and then transmitted to the Car , there Will be air-conditioned cool? So some of the 80,000 level models Will be on the air conditioning pipe insulation and wrap, but just shabby simple package, it Is one of the biggest reasons Is that the original design of insulation for air conditioning Is not under the foot, so the latter Is necessary and then wrapped in a layer of its own cotton insulation!

for two reasons, there Is no Car open inner loop, the inner loop means that only the air quality inside the vehicle, thIs advantage Is lost outside the vehicle can be Isolated from hot air, to the Car completely sealed state, so that the cooling effect Is doubled! FIG owners as measured against the air conditioning vent temperatures up to 25 degrees, while the outside temperatures up to 32 °, substantially open did not feel too cool!

Three reasons