Summer 9 truth automotive air conditioning use, high-speed car window air conditioning costs than oil? you are wrong!

Suddenly summer came around again, now that the weather during the day and drive out, no air conditioning Is sure to die. Internet use on Automotive air conditioners, with all kinds of stories, repair old driver came today to tell you the truth about 9 on Automotive air conditioning use in the summer, they have basically put all the problems Automotive air conditioning use in the summer gave coverage , and the patience to read I believe you Will be harvested!

1, for a long time shut the windows open air Will be poIsoned. I remember before the Internet there are reports that there are a couple open air windows closed in the Car do not know what to do, and finally actually in poIsoned. In fact, Automobile Carbon monoxide emIssions at idle Is very low, and now the Car has a catalytic converters, as long as the open environment, the case of Carbon monoxide poIsoning Will not occur unless the place Is not circulating in the underground garage air.

2, air conditioning afraid of the costs of oil only open a small wind. Some owners always like to stress that the small air-conditioning duct, it Is possible for fuel-efficient, but also may not like too much wind. In fact, when air conditioning use Will suck a lot of dust, long time to open a small wind, then these can not be blown out of the dust, mildew occurs, so occasionally lookout all the way up dust in addition to what Is also very good.

3, fuel to air conditioning to a minimum. There are some people for fuel, not Willing to put the air conditioning to the maximum. In fact, the general Automotive air-conditioning compressor, power Is fixed, no matter how you open the air conditioning, fuel consumption Is the same, so just open to the maximum, a cool fill not better. Some high-end Car air-conditioning compressor power Is variable, but you feel that these owners Will Care little oil it?

4, before driving how fast cooling. Summer Car after exposure, the general temperature inside the Car at least 10-20 degrees higher than outside the Car, on the train thIs time, nothing short into the steamer. ThIs time we can open the first side of the window, and then several times, the negative pressure to the principle of the rapid dIscharge of the hot air on the other side of the Car door switch, a substantially 10 degree drop Is no problem. ThIs Is a bit like a blacksmith bellows with, there are wood?

5, how to use the Car to cool artifact.Now on the Internet there Is a cool Car artifact that Is sprayed into the Car after you can immediately cool down. But in fact thIs kind of thing on ice, we do not use the spray towards the glass, thermal expansion and contraction of the principles we know everything, believe the glass Will burst. There Is thIs kind of thing do not let the kids take thIs mess spray, spray once to frostbite on the skin, then the bad.

6, which fuel-efficient air conditioning and open the window. Some people say that if on the highway, Car window, then might as well turn on the air conditioning, because the Car window drag than the air conditioning Is too Assembly also cost oil. To thIs end the US Joint Common specialized agencies did drive the Car windows and air conditioning fuel consumption test. It was found that no matter what the speed, air conditioning better than Car window cost oil, but high speed when the Car window to determine the noIse you can stand it?

air filter

7, large air conditioning odor. A few days ago I just opened the Car air conditioner when it Issued a very foul taste, I believe that most owners have experienced, if you have the taste to quickly change the air filter it! If you do not know how to change? Then go to the repair shop or 4S shop for it! If you change the filter Is not enough, we must consider the evaporation tank cleaning! ThIs Will require a professional to complete.

8, no refrigerant outlet sides. Generally our Automotive air conditioning vent on both sides are weak middle strong, but if your Car Is basically nothing both sides of the outlet air volume, not the cold, then there may be circulating inside and outside of the flap cover lax caused thIs when both sides are natural wind blowing in, certainly not cool ah! I recommend thIs to find a repair shop master to help look.

9, the air conditioning does not cool how to do? Under normal circumstances, if the air conditioning Is not cool for a long time, it may be dirty condenser, especially some of the older models, before I encountered a Car Is not lack of fluoride, but Is not cool, then open found condenser are blocked. If the condenser Is no problem, take a look at the compressor, and finally check the refrigerant Freon Is, see if it Is less.

These are the summer Truth About nine Automotive air conditioning use, there Is no feeling after reading a great harvest ah! Have you been toIt Is on the highway, driving window air conditioning costs than oil, but you’re wrong! If you think there Is any help, just focus, thumbs up, forwards, so that more people can benefit for you!