Street encounter military license car, the front red Bentley logo, the fans a little messy

some time ago, fans on the way to take a “new Car”, which Is red logo front, hung military plates, headlights and sideways quite similar to Bentley, luxury Cars are now experiencing Is not unusual on the road, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi have been used to seeing, not the limited edition Car did not turn heads, but encountered a variety of modified Cars, according to dIspatch Cars, new Cars Will not help more Kanji Yan, new things always makes sense interest.

from the mirror watching may not be clear, the Car Is modified or a new Car remains to be seen.

look a the rear, the rear styling Is very interesting, Bentley Flying Spur vents, lights, trunk, close to the red flag H7 logo, as well as the right of “American FAW 3.0 V6 words,” Is it a major facelift flagship Hongqi H7 Car?

From the point of view of the whole Car, thIs Car “God Car” Is certainly Bentley Flying Spur, check out the red flag over the data could not find such a model, the Audi A8 A6 see posts lot, Mercedes-Benz C200 C63 have seen a few posts back, but Bentley quote really Is the first time the red flag!

FAW Hongqi H7 regarded as the flagship Car, 3.0 dIsplacement V6 models priced above brought to more than 430,000, its maximum 231 horsepower, maximum power 170kw, matching six-speed manual transmIssion, and Is also the drive units.

Car configuration Is relatively high, and the auxiliary line, lane departure warning, active braking, night vIsion systems have, keyless entry, a key to start, trip computer dIsplay very advanced, and Bentley Flying Spur but still a big gap compared to, after all, a top with speeding can buy ten red flag H7.

If the Car to take thIs comparIson chart, you Will see that in fact a Bentley, oval vent, LED taillights They are exactly the same.

Maybe a lot of fans feel V6 engine has been very good, but Bentley Flying Spur Lowest Standard Edition are equipped with 4.0T dIsplacement V8 engine, maximum horsepower of 507, hundred kilometers in just 5.2 seconds, ifIs top with W12 version, Is 635 horsepower, one hundred kilometers 4.5 seconds.

Although the red flag H7 Is also a very good Car, but still some gaps and Bentley ratio.

In fact, thIs Car Is more common in previous years, posts Wuling Hongguang Ferrari, Lamborghini posts Dongfeng well-off, but on the way to meet the traffic police Will be very troublesome, because thIs Car stickers already belongs to remodel it does not recognize the vehicle itself can cause information to be easily fine points.

However, a military Card hanging Bentley luxury Cars, should also not be afraid to check it?

does not rule out that someone deliberately hanging fake license plates, now also many false deck Yeah.

Some pictures from the network, not imitation, fake license plate, drive safely, obey the traffic rules.