Stolen car in the 4S shop, 4S shop to 9,000 anti-maintenance, vehicle owners: the first car I also say!

stolen Car in the 4S shop, 4S shop to 9,000 anti-maintenance, vehicle owners: the first Car I also say!

For some people now, the Car seems to have become a necessity, because the Car can bring ease and convenience to people, but can bring a lot of face, so now some even at eating bread to eat pickles have to buy a Car. Of course, for their hard bought the Car, if someone suddenly stole, how would it feel like? Here we come to know such a thing took place shortly before, so that owners also feel more angry.

Wang from Zhejiang in recent years business has done well, you can think of buying a Car as transport, prepared under the final choice of contrast vIsion SUV Car, SUV because the vIsion in terms of the overall shape Is relatively good, and the price Is relatively cheap, so Wang thIs Car Is still very satIsfactory. But at the time of a trip, Wang accidentally minor collIsion with another vehicle, while the 4S shops offer for 9000 yuan given, although Wang feel a little too high, but just thinking of hIs Car soon, or to be in the 4S shop maintenance, so Mr. Wang dragged into the Car 4S shop, and signed on maintenance alone.

but did not pick up the Car at the time they received a phone 4S shop, Mr. Wang asked whether he had the Car drove off, because Mr. Wang Car last night also on the 4S shop maintenance area, but today it was mIssing. Wang heard thIs News was very anxious, then rushed to the 4S shop, through the surveillance video you can see Mr. Wang’s Car was stolen by someone else, thIs 4S shop, and Mr. Wang also chose the police. ThIs matter, which currently theft from the police to deal with, Is being processed, which Mr. Wang was very angry.

because their Car Is being lost in the 4S shop, 4S shop should bear the responsibility, but the 4S shop saying let Mr. Wang more angry, because the 4S shop represent a stolen vehicle owners to help police recover naturally, but maintenance costs Car owners need to bear Mr. Wang and Mr. Wang has been signed in the maintenance of a single topWord, and to be paid to the 4S shop maintenance costs 9000 dollars. ThIs put Mr. Wang was infuriated that hIs Car was stolen in the 4S shop, 4S shop should bear all the damages, but the 4S shop turned out to be counter-repair costs 9000 dollars, so that Mr. Wang Is not hit a gas at come.

Mr. Yu Shiwang immediately said: I want to pay maintenance costs, no problem, I am also the first Car to say. For thIs event many users also expressed their views, in which a netizen from California, said: ThIs 4S shop a bit too much, because the owners have lost the Car, but lost in the 4S shop, 4S shop It shall bear all the responsibility. I did not expect thIs 4S shop during thIs time do not know the owners comfort, even ask for maintenance costs 9000 dollars to the owners, it Is too black heart, and if I were the owner, then certainly such a 4S shop to court. For the users Is relatively small series of expression endorsed, indeed, thIs 4S shop approach very much, should make such a 4S shop closed down as soon as possible.