Still in the trunk stickers Spider-Man? ThIs driving safety awareness owners should know

now driving on the road can often see a variety of dolls, Spider-Man stood on a small trunk, read Marvel movie fans should know Spider-Man’s name , cool appearance full of new ideas, really eye-catching stickers on the back, some Funny owners also put it into a variety of exaggerated way, to Spider-Man fluids and operating for the first time really see.

domestic modified Car culture has been very close, in the heart of first-tier cities basically can not see the explosion to change Cars, so the pursuit of individual Car owners often regarded concentrate on the on the decorations, They tend to like the Car filled with a variety of plush toys, dolls and now the rear swing has become a popular trend. Below thIs Volkswagen owners even put a few more well-known Marvel super powers are brought in, a roof to put five or six dolls, Batman, Spiderman, Superman are gathered.

A few days ago there Is a Porsche Parra Meira put a roof owners in seven gourd doll! When the traffic light behind the more than one million Porsche panamera S already enough eye-catching on the road, now put the doll after seven, not to mention, the Car rear spoiler rIses where are the most beautiful open landscape, and so are the owners I can not help but come up with mobile phones to take pictures.

doll Is pretty nice, but driving safety point of view, thIs kind of thing on the Car body Is not very sensible, would not have pasted the owners are Willing to use 502 glue otherwIse, the paint should stick out, but if an ordinary glue or double-sided adhesive, and that excessive speed Will certainly fall, and Will definitely have an impact on the Car.

A few days ago there on the road traffic police uncle specifically looking for these owners, there was a small partners on Yinchuan in the move, bought close to the roof Spider-Man doll, after police education Is the decIsive removed the decorations, but fortunately was not fine points.

the traffic police at the scene as he introduced the insecurity of the toy, as long as it took to make the owners go.

In fact, thIs doll in general should not have much driving dangerous, I believe the owners are also thought so, bought just for fun look good,But as the saying goes, afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event, once the excessive speed dolls fall, toward the rear of the Car to hit the windshield, Car glass may not be damaged, but the driver of the Car Will certainly subconsciously steering wheel too hard to avoid, thIs situation Is very dangerous.

another Car decoration too conspicuous, other owners while driving prefer to wait and see it, it Will also have no small impact on them, so we drove honestly it.

If you really want to dress up in the body of the vehicle, the Car you want to be friends, then thIs copybook relatively much safer, older drivers on the road like DDD!