Starting the new BMW 530li, the owner admitted: M subversive appearance, the next one ready M5

For young people like Cars BMW M, Mercedes AMG, Audi RS can not refuse, an ordinary Car after modification department can tune broke out several times higher than the original Car’s performance, 2.0T engine can there are over three hundred horsepower, thIs particular sector Is also top representatives of the Automotive world, many of which are BMW owners buy and ran to the M sport package, especially the three lines, five lines.

thIs BMW 530li leading type M Sport floor price of 560 000, matching a lot of things, with the owner’s words: thIs point as we age, buy a BMW five lines like M sport, the Car looked no other meaning.

The new five lines younger more athletic than the previous generation, the chassIs Is also a big facelift, driving more prominent sense, feel, and have narrowed the gap between the BMW M5 a lot.

angel eye headlights BMW, Audi says Is a lamp factory, Is the difference between the daytime running lamp than the A6 do?

The classic kidney front grille, LED headlamps, 19-inch M side forged wheels, Is absolutely perfect match, but unfortunately do not want to come up with Mercedes-Benz AMG styling , or low-end Car sales Will definitely surge, right?

say that the appearance of the BMW look, look at the Mercedes-Benz interior, thIs really give five lines regain face, leather seats, leather door handles on ambient lighting, leather steering wheel Is very tall, Mercedes-Benz all-LCD at first glance some bright spots, but by late getting no novelty, but BMW Is ever more engaging .

election was also paid for the interior color, red Is indeed very show, but coupled with the ambient lighting at night Is really no way out.

10.3 inches in the control dIsplay, capable of changing ambient lighting like in five colors, five-dimensional system of human-computer interaction system these days has not been studied thoroughly, function quite a lot of.

relatively spacious rear seat of the Car, it Is suitable for home,Electrically adjustable rear seat also, three middle seat can be put one armrest, a middle storage compartment.

Is right or wrong station half a million Cars, the configuration Is not really low, panoramic sunroof, Harman Kardon stereo also makes people very satIsfied.

as saying BMW five lines, it should be said that all of the C-Class, the engine Is the most sad people, although now more horsepower, faster speed, but still mIss the BMW inline six-cylinder engine, number of cylinders Is the dignity, the four-cylinder machines have been enough, but the quality Is not always the same.

ThIs maximum horsepower 2.0T engine dIsplacement of 252, hundred kilometers in just 6.9 seconds, maximum power of 185kw, before burning oil without knowing there no improvement?

The old saying Is indeed true, sit-Benz drive a BMW, thIs Is perfect 530li handling, steering wheel when cornering bit hard, sporty Car a common problem, ride comfort thing indeed also generally like, more luxurious Mercedes-Benz, BMW, more and more young sport, a father earn money, a son earn money really Is nothing wrong ah!

color value from the repairer, there are five lines of BMW M advantage of the blessing Is very large, the owner himself admits: M peak BMW’s appearance at a target on the M5 truly ready!