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Speaking of the development of the Car, comfort, safety and diversity has become a trend in the Automotive industry. The body control module Is the core of the body to achieve the functional requirements. Paper Is designed to control the overall scheme of the vehicle body CAN / LIN bus based on the CAN bus to the main control mode Is assIsted by the LIN bus. And the front body of the controller hardware has been designed to complete the software design of the front body controller on the basIs of the design of the hardware. In order to provide reference for the development of U.S.’s Automotive electronics technology. In one of life and economic development as among the most important means of transport in today’s society, Car. With the development of computer technology and Automotive technology, electronic control technology has been widely used in modern Automobile industry, for improving vehicle safety, economy and comfort, etc., it has become the development trend of the modern Automobile industry and an important symbol.

Many parts of the vehicle body are due to the electronic control system, which includes ignition control rules for diagnosing, steering, braking, lights, wipers, door locks and so on. The application of Automotive electronic technology can be divided into different control systems: engine control system, a body control system, chassIs control systems, communications and information / entertainment system. In order to shorten the gap with foreign Automotive electronic control technology, and constantly improve their own competitiveness, the development of Automotive electronic control system Is imperative. 1 overall design of the vehicle body control system The body control system uses a dIstributed control system, and uses the CAN / LIN bus hybrid network, 1 Is a system configuration shown in FIG. Before the core body control system, coordinated control of the Auto body. Throughout the system, the front body as a gateway controller high, low CAN and LIN bus signals for communication and sharing of different networks. High-speed CAN network system of the chassIs control signal to the other control member need, and real-time dIsplay on the dashboard. Light transmitted through the control switch signals to the LIN network control BCM rear left rear, and right lamps.

The two LIN bus, a channel acquIsition combination switch and light switch signal. 2 for controlling the pinch-way windows, window lift and the like. In addition to the front body control module Is responsible for signal processing and network management, theAlso the control group before and after lighting, interior lamp front, pinch window, a speaker, a wiper intelligent functions. After the main body control module controls the rear of the vehicle, such as the left and right lamps, rear lights, Car door locks, window heating functions. the front body 2 Hardware Design before the vehicle body controller collects a lot of the switching signal, the output control also, as well as the CAN network LIN networks and gateways. ThIs requires the selection of high reliability and high performance microprocessors, high-speed, reliable data processing. Freescale Semiconductor design and production of mc9s12xs256 microcontrollers used in Automotive, integrated MSCAN module, a serial communication interface, a CAN bus and the LIN bus supports the protocol. The controller comprIses a front body and two two CAN bus LIN bus, a CAN bus using an integrated way low speed CAN bus UJA1078 SBC power chip, using a high speed CAN bus transceiver TJA1042. Two LIN bus transceiver TJA1020 are used, as well as switching signal acquIsition channel 21, 7 A / D signal acquIsition, illumination driving signal output passage 11, the wiper 4, the speaker output. FIG 2 Is a block diagram showing the structure of the front module BCM system. 3 before the vehicle control system software design The real-time requirements of the entire body portion, a high speed CAN network communication rate using 500kb / s, low speed CAN network uses 250kb / s, 2-way communication LIN bus speed are used 19.2 kb / s. Part of the network load on the vehicle body Is low, the communication rate can satIsfy real-time requirements and reliability. Automotive controller software design, including system initialization, system applications, CAN / LIN protocol conversion, system failures programming. Front body control module BCM program flow chart shown in Figure 3. Automotive Manufacturing Technology and innovation in all though rIsing, but for now, domestic brand Auto manufacturers and manufacturing technology innovation ability Is low. Body Design CAN / LIN bus based on the control module, based CAN bus, the bus control mode assIsted by the LIN. Using reasonable networkNetwork architecture and hardware designed to meet the requirements of the complex vehicle control systems, having a good economy, greatly simplifies the design.

From the point of view constituting the Car, the body, and the engine Is an important site of three members. With the increasingly fierce competition in the Automotive market, Auto body manufacturing processes play a decIsive role. Compared with the Car’s chassIs and engine, Auto body manufacture comprIsing a plurality of stages of design, manufacturing technology and body shape, etc., which means that the Car body manufacturing process, the need for systematic planning of the various stages of manufacturing. In view of the Car body manufacturing large investment, fast update features, you need to take into account the Car body manufacturing cycle. Start concurrent engineering, the synchronized research, development and manufacturing, and other various professional stages of the vehicle body, can not only shorten the Car from development to manufacturing cycle, but also reduce the body manufacturing costs, improve vehicle body mass, so Auto body production efficiency has improved. Car body manufacturing process includes three aspects, i.e. painting, welding, stamping. The vehicle body painting process Is to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle by using the paint process and the sealing process, and the body having a high anticorrosive effect. The vehicle body painting process, each layer must be fine and uniform [1]. In addition, the manufacturing process further comprIses the body fast synchronization field, the integration of multi-step manufacturing process.

1.2 concurrent engineering Automobile bodywork Car bodywork simultaneous engineering, professional technically refers to the simultaneous engineering and rapid field assembly simultaneous engineering. In the body of product research, development, product drawings and models to analyze data and make stamping process analysIs report delivered to the product research and development department, and then be able to enter into the products manufacturing processes. The current Car manufacturer implemented body manufacturing process simultaneous engineering, mainly refers to the product link and manufacturing sectors of simultaneous engineering. Among them, the product Is part of the process of concurrent engineering Automotive body manufacturing process. Specific operational procedures: Automobile business research and development department Will design drawings and body product model data available to the press department and assembly department, plans to develop the process of stamping and assembly. After the adoption of the various departments to fully exchange for personalized content technology plans, the total siteInstall the necessary technology program developed. related processes 2 Auto body of simultaneous engineering Auto business body punching Is a process in nature, need to analyze product information, according to the results of the stamping process technology to be adjusted to obtain a new design results. By optimizing the Car body stamping technology, making the Car body design level has increased. Auto body stamping process to use more intelligent technology, the use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) process design to test, modify, optimize decIsion-making has also establIshed mechanIsms to ensure that the indicators meet the design requirements of Automotive body [2]. Although the Car body stamping technology used in smart new technology comes, if not take into account the synchronization of stamping and assembly technology program, it Will lead to the manufacture of Automotive body there Is a problem plugging holes, etc., resulting in poor quality of the body influences.

the specific content of the stamping process of simultaneous engineering Auto body stamping process simultaneous engineering that Car body manufacturing sector product design drawings and data model Is provided to press the professional sector, stamping after the professional sector through drawings and models to analyze data and make stamping process analysIs report provided to the manufacturing sector. (Figure 1: Flow of simultaneous engineering of stamping process) the specific content of the rapid process of simultaneous engineering of the Car body Is an Automobile body manufacturing sector product design drawings and data model to the final assembly of professional department, assembly professional sector by drawing after analysIs and data model, make a report to the assembly process analysIs products manufacturing sector.

Problems 2.3 processes are not synchronized caused Since the parts stamping Will produce a certain degree of resilience, so that after forming the part, the edge flange predetermined value inconsIstent. Such errors in the process can not be controlled, so that the deviation in positioning parts inevitably present in production. Blanking parts stamping punching process, proceeds burring parts forming after shaping. In the process of shaping the parts for flanging, to determine the position of the positioning holes to determine the positions of the other depending on the direction of the bore hole. When the part Is detected, to detect the position of the positioning hole ofOther hole-direction position of the positioning hole detecting constraints. In order to control the rebound resilience Is necessary for controlling the opening of the part, the method flange edge constraints, to control springback aligned warp. During the process technology, to ensure uniform stamping parts, assembly, inspection work to do, so that the actual measurement value and the theoretical value of the part after molding coincide, to ensure production quality of the vehicle body.