Small ant / Beiqi new energy electric vehicles use air conditioning since 2019-05-11 · GO

last week, the beginning of summer Is booming trance over

ThIs means that the summer Is really coming!

= = High summer air conditioning heat =!

In order to let everyone have an enjoyable travel experience

I decided to give the Car we offer use of air conditioning Raiders!

sure not to mIss Oh!

at first recognized Automotive air conditioning basic function keys.

Note: cooling first press opens A / C button

press the A / C button opening Is opened proper operation of the cooling mode!

Go from the tour there are two models, particularly key dIstribution below!

before the summer of the first Car windows open for ventilation.

Car to poor ventilation and high temperature after long exposure summer Car, not suitable for open air immediately Oh!

opening the outer loop can be effectively air circulation.

Summer Car, Car temperature above ambient temperature. Friends can open the outer loop system allows air circulation inside the Car to the Car. So cool down Will become more rapid Oh!

must press the A / C button.

A / C button Is a toggle key conditioning / fan. Press A / C button Is cooling wind! OtherwIse, only an ordinary wind Oh!

close to the flame front A / C button. (Compressor switch)

before stopping close to A / C button Is a very good Car behavior, which would allow further air-conditioning system can effectively avoid the normal reply within an air conditioning system water condensation, but also can effectively prevent mildew smell!