Simple car maintenance project

Speaking of vehicle maintenance, the feeling Is the item on the tall, if only the 4S shop to do, we can only arbitrarily trampled upon by the 4S shop, in fact, some simple Car maintenance, we can still do their own

Add the glass of water

glass of water a lot of places have had to sell cheap gas stations, supermarkets, general supermarkets, water glass Is mainly used to prevent freezing when cold weather time, can be prevented from cracking kettle icing

engine coolant

Generally, the Car has its own brand of cooling liquid, but now there Is also a general-purpose coolant, they can easily add, generally two to three years, if the coolant level Is low, they should be replaced. If the replacement coolant consumption Is still too soon, it Will have to repair, and Is not there case of leakage of

replace the air filter

air filters in general for a long time, Will be replaced once, but can now take into account factors such as haze, air quality Is not well, so every time to check the Car, you can open your own air filter box to see or need replacement. generally The old filter, to clean the dust inside the box, put the new Cartridge just fine. Only buy that brand on the Cartridge refills, do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, to buy so-called original product, in fact, no use

to replace the air filter

to replace the air filter with the basic operation of the air filter Is actually the same, but most of the air filter in the co-pilot glove box, a few Will be placed in the near the engine compartment, air filter still consider buying the brand and price, when installed, pay attention to the direction of the filter, to ensure proper installation

replace wiper

wiper Is the fastest Car consumables, at the time of purchase, be sure to determine a good interface and the size, regardless of brand wipers fundamental problem, because it Is often wear and consumption. good brand, with hundreds of pieces of half a year, with 4 times -5 months, little difference

cleaning the air conditioning system

cleaning air conditioning system only one air cleaner, the main cleaning agent Is drawn into the foam conditioning , through thIsLike to clean the air inside. Therefore the cleaning step, the air filter removed, the lid the filter stability. Blower Is opened to the maximum flow level, adjusted to the outer loop, and then to blow the cleaning agent against the air inlet, Will soon be drawn into the air duct after a period of time after the blast, to complete the cleaning. then replace the air filter, cleaning Is completed

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