Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Market Authority to promote and actively explore new ways to enhance the quality of automotive service

American Quality Car News Network(, according to Shijiazhuang City Market Authority Nov. 8 News, to promote domestic Car producers, sellers (4S shop) to enhance the quality of service, Automobile maintenance market order. In the sixth anniversary of the Car three bags of new regulations on the occasion, November 6, Shijiazhuang City Market Authority actively explore new ways in the implementation of Car “three guarantees” provIsions and dIspute settlement work at the forefront of the city of Chang’an DIstrict, organizations implement Car “three guarantees” on-site demonstration activities, exchange Car “three guarantees” dIspute settlement advanced practice. The practice, known as “see, hear, say,” Three Character Classic. Look at Market Authority Bureau of Hebei Province to guide quality development, City Market Authority led by the city’s main city and part of the county (city) bureau Car “three guarantees” Staff, Auto 4S shop business representatives, vIsited the business models Shi Sheng Automobile sales Co., Ltd. Great Wall Automobile 4S shop, watch and record their work systems, benchmarking advanced. LIsten, lIsten to Shi Sheng, thIs huge Hing, Tong Yi, the public-run, 4 Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. introduced the implementation of Car “three guarantees” of work experience, by lIstening to each enterprIse shortcomings, focus on the implementation of systems, enhance the sense of responsibility of the body. He said Chang’an Automobile Market Authority “three guarantees” dIspute resolution experts, pass on valuable, in terms of quality, technology, awareness-depth analysIs of causes of the current Car “three guarantees” controversy complaints were increasing, and explain the process of difficulties and serious exchange of good practice from reception, streamline business processes, focusing focus, responsibility, etc; market Authority quality development Bureau in Hebei Jianfeng Secretary of State enterprIses made clear requirements, require companies to further enhance the sense of service, the quality of service in the first place, perfect form a complete set of working procedures, earnestly implement the Car “three guarantees” provIsions and dIspute processing. By thIs method, the city’s Auto enterprIses Will promote continuous improvement of service quality, and promote further market regulatory authorities to effectively perform its regulatory duties, and ultimately improve vehicle to promote the dual product quality and service quality.