New York tire shop fire death caused by 4 official: car repair sparks explosion

BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) at 12:34 on August 9 Xu, Buji Luo Gang community a street Car tire shop fire occurred, killing four people. New York City Fire Brigade official microblogging released on the 10th informed that, after investigation, the staff Car repair process, the removal of gasoline poured into the plastic bucket in the tank, static electricity sparks caused by gasoline vapor explosion and spread dIsaster when moving plastic bucket.

informed that, after the scene, investigation and inquiry and video analysIs, joint investigation team identified the basic cause of the accident: Business Department staff Lee, Chen (deceased) Car repair process the dIsassembly of gasoline in the tank Is poured into a plastic bucket, static electricity sparks gasoline vapor explosion dIsaster and the spread plastic bucket moves.

the public security organs have been on file for investigation related to the suspect.

New York City Fire Brigade official microblogging screenshots

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