Shenyang seven million Is not on the card Rolls-Royce and BMW collided! Expected maintenance costs enough to buy a BMW!

go out to drive,

fear hit luxury Car!

at 14:02 on June days,

Tiexi DIstrict Xinggong North Street in the vicinity,

a BMW collided with a Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce bought,

No sign of it on!

BMW was left out of the cell in the West DIstrict, Hui and apartments, Rolls-Royce straight west to east, the two vehicles collided.

It Is understood that thIs Car Rolls-Royce or a new Car, drove to a 20-year-old young woman, ready to go on the sign did not I think happened scratching on the road.

It Is predicted that Car Rolls-Royce price of 700 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

police arrived at the scene determined that the BMW Car full responsibility, then the two sides went to 4S shop to assess the damage.

After reading it, friends said: kidney pain!

@ AIION99: big flush of the Dragon King Temple

1971 @ cloud water: a luxury Car from the far point

@ bright stars in the a: good hit over the original Car like thIs Is

@ Lin cordial tone: anyway, repaired, and Rolls-Royce blood loss.

luxury Car crashed into the matter,

who met who Zaoxin!

remember June 9, 2019,

Shenyang Car worth 36 million Rolls-Royce rear-ended a taxi,

Is one knocked Columbia,

was about to get off theory,

Is seen Royce immediately sCared silly!

After the hit,

brother master fire two sentences:

“I was about to get off theory,

a look at Rolls-Royce Mongolia, and

If I the responsibility, then,

I sell a house on land sales also can not pay it! “

in the clear

Rolls-Royce hit a taxi,

Rolls-Royce drivers recognize their own responsibility.

brother master pressure of cross God from panic. After

traffic scene,

Rolls Royce determined solely responsible.

At thIs time,

brother master heart taxi landed.

Even with mosaics

not conceal

Rental driving instructors relieved smile!

finally brought a variety of luxury Cars, signs,

still hope that we see these Cars,

preferably escape alone!