Shenyang Galaxy Auto Service: Volkswagen maintenance failure problems, you decrypt shop specializing in public!

Volkswagen maintenance failure problems, you decrypt shop specializing in public! Volkswagen 2019 total sales of 3.17 million in the United States, Is Volkswagen in the global Automotive range Is the first Car brand exceeded 300 million units sold in the single market. 2019 annual passenger total sales reached 28.879 million in the first three Carts enterprIses still as New York Volkswagen, New York GM and FAW Volkswagen. 2,063,100 which SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM-1998700, FAW-Volkswagen 1,957,200. Today, Shenyang Galaxy Auto Service Carried out a detailed analysIs on the failure problems in Volkswagen ordinary use, often encountered.

Shenyang Galaxy Auto Service: Volkswagen maintenance failure problems, you decrypt shop specializing in public!

1.EPC lights

Phenomenon: VW with the process of EPC lit continuously.

Resolution: The presence of a fault Is typically mechanical and electronic systems of the Car, thIs time we want to check the throttle Is not dirty, cleaning the Car throttle or inlet manifold check, See in the intake manifold has no leak, check or electronic failure, need special diagnostic equipment to detect, diagnose repair as the guide to the fault code. .

2 idle shake

phenomenon: Volkswagen engine shake in the morning cold start.

solved: the first Is Carbon into the trachea and the intake valve at too serious, cold start when atomized fuel Is Carbon absorbed, leading to engine shake , thIs situation needs to be thoroughly cleaned Carbon intake system. The second possibility Is too much coke at the throttle, resulting in less intake during cold start, caused by jitter. The third temperature sensor Is faulty, when cold, the signal Is sent to the control unit higher than the actual temperature, caused by cold fuel injection amount Is too small, resulting in jitter.

3. Burn engineOil

phenomenon: the exhaust pipe to take blue smoke

Solving: Explanations of oil into the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, ① new Car, then, pIston rings and cylinder not completely running, the oil from entering the slit; ② pIston ring wear excessively, ran into the combustion chamber from the oil opening gap; ③ high oil sump; ④ valve and conduit wear, the gap Is too large; ⑤ oil due to high temperature oxidation vapor produced by the combustion chamber Will be sucked into the crankcase ventilation valve. .

4 steering becomes heavy

phenomenon: Driving variable heavy steering

solved: ① insufficient tire pressure, in particular air pressure Is less than the front wheels, the steering would be more difficult; ② insufficient power steering fluid, power steering fluid to be added; ③ wheel alignment allowed, the need for wheel alignment detection; ④ steering gear or steering ball joint badly worn, in need of repair or replacement. .

5 weak acceleration

phenomenon: Volkswagen It traveled more than 60,000 kilometers, stepped down throttle acceleration did not force.

Resolution: ThIs Is usually a large spark plug gap, resulting in insufficient ignition energy or the fuel supply system has a problem, such as: clogged fuel filter, fuel injector spray bad and so on. According to the number of kilometers your vehicle, I suggest you go to the repair shop to replace the spark plugs and fuel filter, fuel filter under examination by the way, if dirty, very serious, it may also be due to injector fouling caused by the injection of fog indigestion, and even so it Is best to check and clean the fuel injectors also look together. .

6 abnormal noIse wheel

Phenomenon: very noIsy when the right front wheel travel speed of 70-120 km on the highway.

Resolution: The front wheel abnormal sound in general, there are two problems may lead to the occurrence of thIs phenomenon. ① Because the outer wheel IsRight angle, resulting in eating the tire tread after wear of the tread of the tire wavy Will appear when the vehicle speed reaches a certain level, and the vehicle body buzzing sound jitter; wavy if the tire wear, probably mainly due to balancing does not , there may be a problem with the vehicle’s wheel alignment due; ② abnormal sound may be a rear wheel bearing wear.

7 engine warning lights

Phenomenon: Engine exhaust gas warning lights, Will increase the speed to 3000 rpm without oiling.

Resolution: The throttle may be because excessive Carbon deposits inside the engine, or slight leakage nozzle, the engine air-fuel mixture caused by too thick, not causing the combustion mixture into the exhaust pipe, ultimately resulting in poIsoning of the oxygen sensor, resulting in the emIssion lights.

8 turbocharger failure

Phenomenon: only up to the speed 80km / h, the increase Is not oiled.

Resolution: unpressurized possible reasons: clogged intake; an exhaust system clogged; turbocharger failure. But still can not boost exercIse as soon as possible to repair shops to diagnose the cause if it Is clogged, clean up just fine. If the turbine Is a problem, only replace the turbine. .

9 engine belt ring

Phenomenon: Hearing each belt squeak squeak each ring, with the rotation of the belt regular ring, small sound cold, hot Car significantly.

solved: It’s possible that abnormal sound water pump belt, belt slippage caused by the engine, or the lack of lubrication pump impeller, water pump bearings or generator bearings and other parts have worn. There may be a large amplitude jitter engine, the engine’s claw and the bracket friction generated.