Shenyang Automotive service technicians to learn how to shop as an apprentice?

vehicle maintenance technical school to learn how to shop? In fact, techniques, nothing more than two kinds, either as an apprentice or school to school, their advantages and dIsadvantages, and now have to analyze the analysIs of the respective good or bad, you can choose according to their own situation.

in the store to learn: the impression Is that all the benefits of Cars, the opportunity to practice more to get started. But many people have overlooked the point that each apprentice Is zero at first base, the store Is a profit-based, zero-based boss Will not let a student get the customer’s Car to practice hand. Second, the zero-based dIsadvantage Is that many of them even do not know a lot of tools and parts, began to follow the master mechanic school, teacher make a delivery tool, apprentice can not find. So, the reason most of the garages looking for apprentices Is to find low wages or no cost odd jobs. When the apprentice specific weaknesses can be summarized as follows:

1, the boss Will not easily allow apprentices to take the customer’s Car to practice hand, I did not imagine the amount of practice the large;

2, the master Is not received systematic teaching and training, there Is no teaching experience, often very difficult to explain the contents of apprentices to understand;

3, the master Is empirically teaching, think of what to say, or what the customer’s Car appeared to explain what the problem Is random;

4, the saying goes, “the Church apprentice , hungry masters “, thIs sentence Is not unreasonable. Every boss wants to spend less money to find skilled personnel. When the dIsciples into the hand, the master of high salaries could face pay cuts or even dIsmIssal, which Is the master mind should be very clear, so they do not necessarily give everything, the life of the school are taught to apprentice;

5, many students want to learn technology free to find a repair shop as an apprentice, but early simply can not touch the Car, sweep the floor all day, handed handed wrench, but also the majority of older employees and master face. Many apprentices could not get all fall by the wayside, and it had full confidence for the industry, interest has also been grinding did not.

Thus, if still young, seriously want to learn the craft, then chooseA study of professional and technical colleges Is a good choice. The school has its own curriculum learning system, starting from the foundation to recognize piece, step by step until the complete dIsmantling of vehicle maintenance.