Share years old drivers, 4 car models looked at the tall, are the actual pit, maintenance fees can buy a BMW

For now the riders, although economic conditions have improved, but the price of the Car Is still very high, so you buy a Car for the riders very cautious, always afraid to lose. So we need an experienced older drivers to talk about buying a Car to avoid the pit, ten years older drivers to share, there are 4 Car looking at the tall, are the actual pit, repair and maintenance costs can buy a BMW.

the first Fiat Car that Is to say, a Car that fame really not very loud, but really a lot of negative News, more general Automotive quality complaints rate Is relatively high, but the key Is its after-sales maintenance Is too much trouble, it Is difficult to cobble together it needs Auto parts, increasing the rate Is pitifully low, under such circumstances, it Is not recommended to buy thIs Car reasonable.

The second Is satIsfied Zhi Jie. ThIs Is a Car in a small series interior space has obvious flaws, although the main brand of high-tech, but it gives the impression that it was not so comfortable and high-end interior design obviously rough, need to be further improved, thIs Is the Car that faithful do not like a Car.

The third Is treasure fertile BX7, which a Car if you simply consider the performance, it was quite tricky, but its price Is fixed at relatively high, up more than 20 million, can be comparable to a BMW Car, the price really Is not very high, so the old driver Is not recommended to buy a Car thIs.

to talk about the final of a domestic Car, a Car that Is Beiqi Saab. From the sales point of view, thIs Is a Car really Is not very popular, and according to the reaction of some owners, thIs Is indeed a Car of quality not very tricky, but it can buy the store Is relatively small, older drivers are I would not recommend to buy such a Car.