Seven kinds of simple ways to reduce automotive repair costs, needed to train these techniques do not suffer

in my life, I have many types of Cars, SUV and pickup. I have a $ 300 Mercury tracked vehicle, a slightly used Lincoln LS, Lexus, a Ford Explorer, a few F-150 type, as well as many other used Car. Although I get a lot of all the old Cars, which almost every need considerable repairs the Car somewhere.

I always swore I would never buy a brand new Car, because of the loss of value after it from the dealer’s sales lot. However, a few years ago, I soon need a Car, bought a new modern sonata, finally succumbed. I would say that the dealers buy surprIsingly fast and easy. Less than a few hours, I had a highly guarded Car at more than 60,000 miles of the time, I know it no problem. Although I really paid a considerable price, but I have to admit, I did not take into account the cost of repairs, saving a lot of time and rental costs, which may be worth it.

However, after the sonata, I bought an old pickup truck to go to work, I assured myself, I Will try to be Careful, to see which one better. After taking the following initiatives, I learned that if you follow these simple and affordable steps to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, then the second-hand Car Is still viable.

using the manufacturer’s recommended oil

with some of the tire and lube shops may tell you the contrary, some type recommended by the manufacturer oil, sometimes even brand, which Is a reason. Manufacturing engines and their components, so as to work with the kind of oils. After most Car manufacturers are also ideal to test all types of oil, as well as mechanical design. They want to keep your engine running as long as possible. ThIs Is the most important key performance indicators they were scoring.

regular replacement of oil filter

ThIs Is probably the most important factor to determine your vehicle overall life – especially the engine. New and clean oil Is essential for a healthy engine. Without it, the engine Will burn and washersBurned faster than you think. Often recommend oil changes, but also proposed to replace the filter, because dirty oil can cause corrosion and clogging Will burn engine. Different vehicles proposed change, so do some research to know exactly how many times you should change the oil. Remember, replace lubricants before the expiration of the service Is always better than after the service expires. Especially if you’re a procrastinator!

by yourself reduce vehicle maintenance costs

If you’re an old Car in motion, especially in the United States a Car, you should consider doing some basic daily services, and to repair it yourself. In some models, it Is very easy to do things such as oil changes or brake pad change, you can do thIs, thIs Is a fraction of the cost, take it to a professional. However, some new, compact and foreign Cars can be very challenging, and many need special tools to complete the task. If you are not entirely sure what you’re doing, then the associated costs and rIsks may exceed the potential savings. For all others, please see the free guide Autozone provide specific models or learning the best public education for University College -YouTube!

do not bat-like driving around

Some Cars and trucks are designed to go through hell. However, most people are not. Occasionally tear some serious ass in a hurry Is not necessarily a bad thing, but continuous red line, hard braking, fast cornering and speed Will have to spend more than you think. All these forms of terror ride your pressure and engine components, as well as causing excessive wear. If you just can not control yourself, be sure to inspect and service your vehicle before the date proposed, in order to prevent further potential damage to your vehicle.

as needed to adjust the Car – no later than the plan the day

While most drivers are aware of vehicle health very important basic inspection and service, but one of the most beneficial and preventive measures to be overlooked Is the vehicle. In the standard of the adjustment, the fuel filter, air filter PCV valve, respirator filters, spark plugs, belts, hoses, and other components normally liquidInspection and replacement if necessary. These parts replaced before they fail, Will improve the performance of the vehicle to prevent damage to the engine, thereby saving you a lot of money!

regularly check tire pressure

Fortunately, most of the new models of Cars have computer instruments, if your tire pressure falls below a safe level, it Will send an alert on the dashboard, but you would be surprIsed at how many people neglect thIs important function. Driving with sufficient tire pressure can increase fuel consumption, extend tire life of at least 30%, and to help prevent such adjustment / balance problems.

maintaining engine air filter cleaning

Is one of the largest dirt engine enemy. A good, clean, lubricated engine ensures a long life and functionality of your Car. While the output peak performance, adequate airflow to keep everything working properly Is very important. The cost of a new air filter than the cost of the engine components much lower, if you put the dirty air filter housing in the words. Most vehicles every 15,000 to 30,000 miles can benefit most from the replacement of the air cleaner. Personally, I Is the K & N filter air which can washed with water (lifetime use), while providing technology to provide optimum gas flow for the engine.