Send 4s car repair shop, waiting for two months has not yet begun to repair, the owner: I’m not going to let the New Year?

we are now buying a Car for the convenience of travel, can not avoid the inevitable Car repair problems. So owners to pay more attention to maintenance, usually to their Car insurance. After a fault, it Is the first choice 4s shop for repair. Because 4s shop Is guaranteed, and are guaranteed original manufacturers. But during our recent Fan service we had some problems, said he was helpless. We look together in the end Is how Is it?

Fan Changchun people in 17 years in July bought a Buick Golden State. Two years after the end of 19 years in Expressway bad, think Car insurance Is still time, you pull 4s shop maintenance. Maintenance personnel are informed of the transmIssion Is broken.

immediately passed more than two months in 2020, went to 4s shop Fan Repairs pick up truck, but see not yet started to repair hIs Car. Like the Car as scrap metal at that, Mr. Fan I feel there should be a problem, thIs Is what Car ah repair, repair two months are not revIsed, under compelling, Fan found the Reporter for help, then find after-sales service personnel, working staff give an explanation, because the factory parts still have not shipped, so the delay.

However, the manufacturers have been applied, the road test can be up to two days. No problem you can put the Car. But Mr. Fan that the applicant renewal parts. Maintenance personnel Will be informed to the higher application, the new body Will re-send new ones, but on the whole it Is very suck! Fan only that can be repaired before the New Year approached! Over peacefully in!

In the case of Mr. Fan encountered, we can see that commitment 4s shop also just the surface, but also hope 4s shop owners are sincere they service, repair two months after someone’s garage, which was actually not delay things, and if Big brother did not help Reporters Fan, perhaps even repair repair more time, of course, we have many other options: savvy more owners Will choose to repair shops, repair shops because the relative 4s shop price much higher.

For thIs how weSee