Seen the following 10 models of cars are old people

saw the 10 Car models who are old

the heyday of the muscle Car culture in 1964 and 1971, all of At least one such manufacturer’s model lineup in the United States. In addition to such as Cadillac, Lincoln or imperial luxury brands, the other person has at least one muscle Car in their portfolio. Even the most affordable economy brand AMC, there are several models. ThIs means that during thIs period the number of production muscle Cars Is very high. For example, they make the 1966 Pontiac GTO only in that year reached 96,000 units. Moreover, the 1968 Charger output in a single model year high as 74,000 vehicles. However, since the Detroit Carmakers offer numerous options on the muscle Cars of its most favored model, the engine choice, trim levels and body styles, so collectors are looking for the most valuable rare and almost humble version. In all 74,000 chargers manufactured in 1968, only 17,000 using R / T decoration, only 475 uses a powerful Hemi 426 engine options. ThIs means that the `68 charger Is relatively common, but rare Hemi version. ThIs vehicle Is a lIst of some of the Hemi-powered models, because Hemi option Is rare and expensive in the day, so there are not many buyers choose it. Convertible body style Is also more expensive than the two-door sedan or coupe, but also heavier. The real muscle enthusiasts like lighter version, can provide better performance. Read on to learn more about those incredibly rare and powerful muscle Cars.

1967 Dodge Coronet R / T convertible Hemi 426

Dodge 1955 introduced Coronet plate, as the highest trim levels of the full-size Car. However, in the 1960s, it turned to mid-market, Dodge has become the most successful product. Crown beautifully designed, mid-size Car for home buyers, a selection of engines and trim levels. But Dodge provides the name of the R / T package decoration, including a two-door coupe and convertible, which means more wildHeart buyers can get 440 V8 or the famous 426 Hemi engine in their crown. Crown R / T Dodge Is the answer to the Pontiac GTO, Chevy Chevelle and the popularity of mid-level performance Cars. They only created two super rare `67 Coronet R / T convertible with Hemi engine, which makes thIs Coronet become the ultimate collection. Then Coronet R / T buyers choose the fast reliable and almost the same and the engine 440 Magnum closed body styles. Who bought that section of luxury Hemi convertible, must be looking for a strong cruIsers have many choices. ThIs Car Is certainly not intended as a stop lamp terror, but as the expression of a summer night.

1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL-1

as early as the late 1960s, Chevrolet Will receive GM proposed the impact ban rules. ThIs means that there Is no official snow FlemIsh products can compete, and Chevrolet as a manufacturer can not participate in any racing activity. Of course, no one to stop Chevrolet through its “backdoor” program to help racing teams, they developed a special engine and components. In the late 1960s, Can-Am Is a popular racing series, it Is equipped with a prototype Car with a V8 engine. Chevrolet wants to build a power plant for thIs tournament, so in 1969, they produced 427 large engine a name for the all-aluminum ZL-1. ThIs Is a high speed, 7.0-liter V8 engine, power up to 550 horsepower. ThIs monster engine than the Ford or Mopar anything at the time of production are much more powerful. Chevrolet produced approximately 200 engines, most of which are destined for Can-Am racing team, Chevrolet in late 1968 also used the engine manufacturer for about 12 test Corvette. Incredible performance potential, Chevy did not want to provide thIs wild racing engines to the public, so they never mentioned that ZL-1 option in the press or official brochure. However, near the factory of rich people know it exIsts and can be purchased ZL-1. That Is Why only two Corvette ZL-1 exIst, because yellow and white. A manual transmIssion,Equipped with a Automatic transmIssion. The rest of the Chevrolet was destroyed, because they are just pre-production prototype. Only two people found a way to private hands, they are treasured and saved as the Corvette hIstory of the most valuable and the most interesting part there. ZL-1 cost model based on the basic price chunk Corvette C3 of more than $ 4,000, which Is the price of a few people can afford. Today, an estimated value of more than $ 1 million.

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible Hemi 426

Plymouth Hemi Cuda Is the rarest and most sought-after muscle Cars one. ThIs model combines a choice of several muscle Car enthusiasts want. Plymouth Is a brand that no longer exIsts. It Roadrunner, GTX and Barracuda, etc. several well-respected and well-known muscle Car. 1971 Barracuda Cuda or Is thIs model of the second generation and the last generation. In 1970, they completely redesigned it, it uses a new body, interior and powerful engine lineup. Hemi option Is very rare, which means that thIs Car Cuda has a 425 horsepower engine Is undervalued, can provide brutal performance. Convertible body style Is also very rare, only seven Hemi Cuda convertible was introduced in 1971. The Car Is so rare reason Is very simple. Back during the day, it has the most powerful engine in the convertible Is not as satIsfactory so today. Hemi engine Is a favorite of street racing enthusiasts – those who want to show, so they Will install thIs engine in the lightest body of the vehicle, thIs Is a two-door coupe. Cabriolet Is designed specifically for cruIsing, for your right foot does not need 425 horsepower horsepower motor. That’s Why Plymouth built only seven; however, since they are very rare, Hemi Cuda ceiling Is also the most expensive one muscle Car. A mint example of the 1971 sold for $ 4.1 million in 2008. After 1971, Plymouth Barracuda, or continue to provide Cuda as a model, until 1974, but stopped Hemi engine options and convertible body style.

1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 400 Ram Air convertible

ThIs Is an interesting muscle Car, because it has been forgotten over the years, so many people are not aware of its exIstence. Everything began in 1967, when Pontiac Firebird as the introduction of the Ford Mustang and Plymouth Barracuda competitors. Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro substantially the same Car. They built on the same platform, but with different engines and designs. Fast forward a few years, and in 1969, Pontiac wants to be recognized as a proposed Trans Am racing Car. As part of General Motors under the plant Is still in the racing ban, but the fans and the team uses a number of private Pontiac products. Therefore, the plant they want to launch a Car can be easily modified version of thIs Is the Firebird TransAm achievement. In order to conceal their intentions, it launched Pontiac Firebird Trans Am as a loaded version that includes chunks of power with Ram Air III or IV intake system of the famous 400 V8 engine. The difference between these engines are significant, since numerous modifications having Ram Air IV engine member and the inner member, but they were all rated at 366 horsepower, which Is understated. However, thIs particular version of the iconic white paint, blue stripes, Rally II wheels and other equipment proved to be a tough selling point. They sold only 634 Firebird Trans Ams. Of which only eight are convertible.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS-6 convertible

Is a popular Chevrolet Chevelle muscle Car because of its affordable price, beautiful design and a powerful engine. In the 1960s, customers can order Chevelle V8 engine with 396 chunks. It Is the largest and most powerful unit, the power of 325 or 375 horsepower, enough to become an important player in the field of muscle Car. However, in 1970,GM ban on intermediate vehicle emIssions Is canceled, the largest and most powerful engine thIs means Chevelle get GM to offer. With 1970 new design, improved mechanics and a new large piece of equipment, Chevelle Will conquer the drag strip in 1970. Powerful new selection Is legendary 454 V8 engine. In the standard configuration, which Is rated at 360 horsepower, much lower than the actual number. However, there Is a more powerful version called the LS-6. LS-6 Car compression ratio of about 11.25: 1. It has a bigger and stronger engine Carburetor. It Is rated at 450 horsepower, but in fact it produces about 500 horsepower. Although the SS option Is very popular in 1970, but only about 3,700 Cars with a strong 454 V8. The Car Is equipped with LS-6 Is even more rare, they produced only 20 convertible, making thIs Chevelle become one of the world’s rarest convertible.

1969 AMC AMX SS 390

Is a legendary American Car economy Car manufacturers, tens years has been fighting with the Big three in Detroit, and eventually folded in the mid-1980s. AMC for its wide range of compact and affordable choice of Cars, interesting concept and reliable mechanical and famous. However, in the late 1960s, AMC decided to enter the muscle Car market, because the muscles of the AMC model lineup Will bring some excitement. ThIs Is a good decIsion today, people remember the company primarily because of its muscle Car, rather than the basic, low selectivity of the family Car, which Is most of their production lines. AMC introduced two models, a coupe called the Javelin and AMX two-seater coupe a product called, in addition to Corvette, it still was the only American two-seater. AMX Javelin based on a shortened chassIs, better equipment, more powerful engine and many quick options. Javelin and AMX at the time have achieved considerable success, but Is a rare special version of AMX SS 390. They collaborate with the Car manufacturing Hearst, Hearst Is the name of the company in thIs era. It has a lot of conversion and AMC largest engines, 390 V8,340 horsepower. ThIs may not sound like other muscle Cars of that period so powerful, but AMX SS 390 lightweight, compact and cruel. They only had 52. Most of them are red, white and blue. The speed of the machine used to drag strips, easily beat more powerful Cars.

1966 Oldsmobile 442 W30

Although the Pontiac GTO muscle Car as the first modern gained All honor, but not many people know Pontiac and Oldsmobile 442 began the same year. However, Oldsmobile Cutlass in the series as an option to promote their new model Is more dIspersed. From the outset, Olds 442 Is called “gentleman’s hot stick.” It Is an elegant, well-equipped muscle Cars, with luxury appointments and shape retention, but it provides high performance. 442 in the name of the day caused a lot of controversy, but the meaning Is very simple. It has a 400 CID engine, a four-speed manual transmIssion and a dual exhaust system. Customers can order via an Automatic transmIssion, but if they want to take advantage of their 442, they can get the manual. In 1966, Oldsmobile prepare an interesting special version of the W-30, 442. If you choose thIs way, you can use special ram air induction system, the front bumper to the Carburetor, hotter cam and some other quick selection. As a little conservative person, Oldsmobile did not place any wild graphic or logo in the Car, so the W-30 Is clearly faster than ordinary Cars, still looks the same. Although the W-30 package price Is not high, but people ignore thIs pattern, so they produced only 54. ThIs Is 442 more than 20,000 a small part of the construction of the 1966 model year.

1968 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet

In 1964, Ford Mustang (Ford Mustang) in the Car explosion site, and in the form of a small wagon introduced a new concept to the market. ThIs Is a compact, Sporty coupe and look beautiful, have enough power, you can become a lively performance sports Car. The concept was so successful Ford in a year and a half after the launch made the first one million examples. However, despite Shelby GT350 in the tournament a success, but the Ford Mustang and the engine was not appropriate muscles, they can provide to the general public, or those with a strong HemIs or Chevrolet 427 par. In other words, Ford Mustang and not much street cred. But all of that Will change in 1968, when Ford introduced a new upcoming 428 Cobra Jet V8 engine. Conservatively Is rated at 335 horsepower, it Is clear that new engines can easily provide about 400 horsepower. But Ford was not satIsfied, and presents a more extreme version of thIs, called Super Cobra Jet. ThIs Is an upgraded version of 428, the power of about 450 horsepower, and takes into account the drag strip. Ford plans to win the Super Stock championship in 1968, and eventually, equipped with thIs engine since the Broncos can not stop at that since years. However, in order to make the Super Cobra Jet engine for track use, Ford had to manufacture some of the street Car. They use these to upgrade engines produce only 57 Cars, with a conventional Cobra Jet engine produced about 2,000 Cars. Those 57 SCJ Mustang just Fastbacks. They offer two-door coupe or even a few more convertible. Today, all Cobra Jets are valuable, Super Cobra Jet Is very expensive.

1971 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible 455

By 1971, crazy muscle Car segment the end Is coming. Since power Is the main selling point of muscle Cars, thus tightening government regulations on safety, environmental and safety Issues are killing power and Auto markets. But in 1970 and 1971, the muscle Car market already full. Since then there has never been, or there are so many models to choose from. Judge GTO Is one of the rarest muscle Cars ever. Pontiac GTO has been a popular and powerful sellers, but in the early 1970s have so many competitors, sales are down. They are 1969 launched the popular Judge version, and launched in 1971. It uses a large chunk 455 V8 engine spoiler, crazy graphics and trunk, which for the 1971 model year Is crazy. Since the dIsplacement limit increase, mid-size Car from General Motors may have the largest engine, so there Is a 455 GTO big V8 engine rated at 335 horsepower. Compared with earlier GTO, which Is a modest figure, but in 1971 turned to Detroit SAE horsepower rating from DIN, which reduces the numbers. Judge version Is relatively expensive, so its price Is not as good as before. The basic price of convertible over $ 4,000, which was a lot of money. Year produced only 17 GTO Judge 455 convertible, GTO muscle making it one of the rarest and Car ever.

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L-88

They produce a second generation Chevrolet from 1963 to 1967 Corvette (C2). It Is arguably one of the most beautiful muscle Car era, the most aggressive Car. It caused a sensation when it appeared, because it looks very modern. Chevy replacing it with a third-generation Corvette in 1968. Corvette C2 Is introduced into the product line Corvette many important things such as bulk power, independent rear suspension and dIsc brakes. It Is also in the hands of many private racing teams a popular and successful racing. ThIs lIst starts with 427 V8 Corvette 390 hp, and finally extremely rare, valuable and powerful L- 88 427 V8. Frigate equipped with such an engine alone, because the production of L-88 aluminum head close to 600 horsepower. It also has a mandatory heavy suspension, brakes and handling packages. ThIs option Is for racing developed, expensive, almost double the basIs 67’Corvette prices. ThIs Is Why it Is the most rare, and only 20 built coupe and roadster driving.