See how good or bad the quality of a car? You can make these standards

domestic brand development in the past two years Is very large, but there are still many consumers to the domestic brand Is a wait and see attitude, the biggest concern Is: fear quality Is not good enough, fear that the Car Is not durable . Then a Car, how can we do to make you see that very at ease?

in the last week, soldiers brother came to vIsit the factory SAIC Roewe vehicle warranty laboratory. I think if you can come here to take a trip, you Will know Why some Cars can easily go wrong, and some Cars has been able to make good quality: everything may happen down all imagine, you can do the product more reliable.

In addition to thIs stringent quality control of the Roewe also made even monitor a luxury brand Will not necessarily do: VOC material safety testing. In thIs sense it Is not only the detection of a rigorous process standards, and also rIse to the concept of environmental and social responsibility. Colombian soldiers want every Car owners hope that their material Is non-toxic and harmless to it, but the reality of low-end Cars, the number of manufacturers to consumers dare make such a statement it?

What Is “VOC” safe?

VOC, jargon called volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds), thIs invIsible killer “referred VOC. So they are where they come from ? What harm? According to the survey, the Car air smell often comes from leather, textiles, plastic parts, interior materials, adhesives, etc., Is closely related to these materials and their odor volatile VOC. long-term exposure to high VOC contamination of the environment, ranging from easy to cause the user dIscomfort, weight may lead to health and safety of users.

how SAIC’s standard?


the air inside the human or material harmful, depends on two aspects, one Is the selection, one Is the assembly process, the other Is the environment the product Will cause what changes SAIC lab, the main start for these three areas.

selection. SAIC at the beginning of each new Car designs to stick with the most safe and environmentally friendly materials and processes, from the source to eliminate volatile organic compounds interior materials, to create fresh and healthy indoor air quality, with The first Car off the good health. In addition to ordinary odors instrumentData analysIs, there Is a critical measure Is artificial olfactory judgment, because some things can not rely on the data and reflect, and every engineer Will need to develop at least a year to reach an acceptable level, as per the taste of artificial material assessment, to ensure that the Car Will not make people uncomfortable taste. And another of their work, but also to detect vehicles in the Car after prolonged exposure if the Car smell, covering every possible situation in life.

assembly process. Roewe i6 PVC clad dashboard, in the control bars are coated with an aqueous adhesive glue alternative solvent; dashboard panel high gloss plastic injection alternative odor and poor water paint transfer process; PP trunk Carpets using alternative cavity plate smell bad, high VOC wooden fiberboard; abandon the harmful waste spinning felt material, the use of PET sound-absorbing material suitable skin contact.

environmental changes. Changes in extreme environments, Is a great test of the reliability of the material. The laboratory covers a variety of domestic vIsible extreme weather, such as heat exposure during the day, freezing at night turned 10 degrees below zero, and continue for several months, in order to detect what material adverse change.

ThIs detailed test to what extent? Colombian soldiers have also puzzled: Just a temperature test, Why into the top of the oven and heat exposure both ways? Staff explained to us, thIs Is in order to better meet the actual environment: high temperature Is a situation, but different time and temperature sun, not the sun Is below the temperature to which the Car Will be low, so there Will be the same piece of material two different temperatures, may cause some changes in the strength, hardness, etc., that have to be detected, strict simulation environment with all the Car may arIse.

At the same time, SAIC had also developed a set of leading parts control standards SMTC 5 300 004 (V3) “Car interior parts and materials dIstributed by the performance of the technical requirements” of the Car in the odor, fog, formaldehyde, total Carbon content we have made provIsions. Test methods and by a variety of odor components, VOC components, VOC, and other vehicles, vehicle parts and ensure air quality standards. Among them, the vehicle Is less than equal to 3.5 odor control, to achieve comparable Volkswagen, Toyota and other international giants standards.

traditional security: Roewe i6 confident to participate in E-NCAP

Of course, security Is a big concept. In addition to interior materials of environmental health, SAIC also uphold the principle of materials “Safety first”, Roewe i6 reached the C-NCAP star standard, white body with 73% of high-strength steel, wherein the hot formed steel accounted for high strength steel 23% by weight, the third generation of advanced ultra-high strength steel, 17% by weight of high-strength steel, which reaches the body torsional rigidity Found 22680Nm / deg, with considerable Jaguar XE, far more than the level of the same level, to achieve the quality of the roof load 5.14 tons, according to reliable sources the Car Will also be lIsted so Will send E-NCAP in Europe, its design criteria are entirely performed in accordance with European standards.

Roewe i6 world-class power

soldiers brother know that many group members have been looking forward to thIs new Roewe i6, Roewe Car strategy highlights that create “Internet model” RX5 Is the first SUV field, and i6 Is the first Car in the field. In fact, as early as the time to plant a few months ago SAIC vIsit I found the majestic power of technology Is actually doing very well, such as 1.0T engine, the data Is almost comparable to the Ford Ecoboost engine, Bing brother speculated that thIs dynamic future won the “ten Best engines Ward” Is also very possible.

Specifically, the Roewe i6 are equipped with the new powertrain architecture platform MIP-based SAIC to build, are derived from SAIC world class “blue chip” Efficient Dynamics technology. Wherein, “blue core” SGE 16T engine maximum power of 125 horsepower and a maximum torque of 170 Nm, comparable to the world’s top ten Ward 1.0T engine;

“blue core” SGE 20T engine maximum power of 169 horsepower The maximum torque of 250 Nm, the joint venture beyond the mainstream 2.0L engine. Like user manual transmIssion, you can also choose to 16T, 20T engine power combined with a six-speed manual gearbox, can experience more fun to drive.

more exciting it Is that thIs power Is still very high combustion efficiency, so bring a very amazing mileage. In a tank of fuel consumption limit challenge in November, held in the majestic i6 also to a tank of fuel (45L) went from Lanzhou to Urumqi, the total mileage of 1816 km and got the Guinness Book of World Records, but the amount Is to i6 into productionInto the market, so the significance Is even more extraordinary.

Roewe i6 how to do to run sub-king?

Roewe i6 caused a sensation in recent times too, it Is rare to get the same level of “six out of” class-called “sub-run king.” From “America’s Best concept Car” production model, the ultra-low drag coefficient 0.25cd of, 1835mm at the same level widest body, 2715mm wheelbase siblings optimal, 10.4 inches maximum dIsplay the same level, the same level of 80% soft pack maximum interior area, world-class “blue chip” efficient Dynamics, 4.8L / 100km fuel consumption at the same level and so the minimum, regardless of wind resIstance, space, interiors, or science and technology and fuel consumption, i6 have received the highest peer out of evaluation .

i6 Roewe name comes from the “internet internet, innovation innovation”, intelligence smart “three words, reflects the trend of the times, but also that the young consumer . suitors, but these alone are not enough, the new Car Roewe strive for perfection: modeling Is the year Award, the engine Is world-class, even many domestic brands are safe materials with negligible Roewe have made a .. set lower than the standard joint venture manufacturers of these vehicles, we can say spend a great mind generous cost

As SAIC President Chen Chen Ji industry media and public relations senior manager said: sedan Car Is a Car soul of the brand logo, even though the United States has its own brand has made considerable progress in the SUV, has made great victory, but the Car has been a joint venture of the strengths, weaknesses Autonomy. can make good Cars? Is a manifestation of the strength of the Car manufacturers. Roewe i6 positioned as a home-class compact class a +, Colombian soldiers also speculated that the price Will be between 8-15 million, you tour, you look forward to such a new Roewe i6 it?