Secret vehicle maintenance cycle! Why do not be deceived?

A lot of people cognition Car maintenance, at only a replacement of oil and oil filters, at most, and then occasionally a replacement air filter and air filter, but in fact there are a lot of Cars are critical to driving safety the parts also require maintenance.

We divided into motor oil mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic engine oil.

oil, known as the Automobile blood. The engine has a lubricating, cooling, preventing corrosion and shock absorption, etc., each with about 5000 kilometers, we have to be replaced once their Car oil. If I have to say naturally aspirated engine Is to use fully synthetic oil Is good, or semi-synthetic oil Is good, I suggest you use semi-synthetic oil, after all replacement prices are around $ 300, it Is also not particularly expensive. In fact, five thousand kilometers Will change once oil Is one of the greatest acts of waste, not only a waste of time waste of money, it Will pollute the environment.

In addition to the oil and the oil filter Is an air filter, two filter elements which affect the service life of the engine Is quite large, if a poor quality of the filter, impurities Will enter the engine, thereby increasing engine wear, so be sure to use genuine Cartridge. Our air filter and air filter, often used compressed air to blow it, our cabin air filter and air filter filtering effect Is certainly somewhat affected. Oil filter Cartridge clogged and fail when the safety valve and filter clogging, oil can not enter the machine main oil pump inlet filter Is clogged partially or sludge deposits, so that the amount of oil absorption or insufficient oil pump oil passage blockage caused by faulty .

In the vehicle traveling a long time, the outside dust, paper particles and other debrIs can accumulate inside the air filter, the air conditioning or heater such that the opening when there Will be odor, which Is Why you need to clean or replace the air filter. If you frequently turn the air conditioning while driving outside the circle, would be particularly easy to dirty air filter, replace if you do not clean up clog duct, the air conditioning of the gas Is reduced, the feeling of the wind blowing no previous strong. Air conditioning odor Usually there are several situations: the filter Is dirty, moldy pipe, the evaporation tank dirty air filter Will block large debrIs and dust, if a long time without replacing or cleaning, itAir conditioning can cause odor.

Some engines are installed with the oil cooler, which function Is to reduce the oil temperature, to maintain a certain vIscosity of the lubricant, the lubricating oil cooler dIsposed in the circulation passage line . Antifreeze life Is generally about 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, can generally choose replaced every two years. It’s best to prepare a bottle in the Car, from time to time to check whether the volatile reduce, add it to prevent water temperature anomalies.

fuel consumption, fuel-efficient Car tips and your habits and skills related Car, Car fuel consumption related to these things as long as we do a good job, or there Will be great effect.

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