Secret shady car repair, pay attention to these four points, polIsh your eyes!

With now more convenient transportation, Car owners, a family Is also very common, it Will inevitably have a Car in need of repair, maintenance and the problem of so many Car owners a headache. As the owner of the Car such a limited understanding of large machinery, maintenance process often confused and profits driven by black-hearted shopkeeper come up with various ways to achieve their own interests, how in the end there Is kind of shady Car repair process? Your Car They are also encountered the same treatment but totally unaware of? that you have to polIsh my eyes during maintenance.

shady a, substitution old parts new filling member

the money spent on the replacement of new parts, only to find that in return, in fact, Is another old accessories. Alert owners in the maintenance of vehicles long in mind, do not lIsten to the whole presentation recommended maintenance of the master, but look for home repair shop to compare. We do not know how many Car owners at the time of replacement parts Is loaded into the old parts, and often without the knowledge of the owners know after, and even a considerable part of the owners in the dark. Factory owners in the maintenance recommendations or 4S shop requires replacement parts, but also make their own demands to service stations that recycle old pieces. Owners can also check for new parts required, check the lIst of Car dealers and other accessories. Recycling Is essential for owners of old pieces, one can put an end to Car dealers by recycling old pieces of the staff to act as your old parts with new parts to other vehicles, in addition, also leave evidence for future rights. The accessories are not reached a degree of change, I believe in the detection of authorities and personnel Will be crystal clear.

Inside Story II: charge outrageous An industry source said the Car repair market Is indeed more problems, cheating has become some Car repairs the main shop means to make money, but it can kill kill, kill more than kill at least, as the case may be. The unannounced vIsits to design the second failure for the Automotive air conditioning control fuse pulled out, the air conditioning stopped. In fact, as long as the reloading only a few dollars worth of fuse, air conditioning Will work properly. However, the survey, an Auto repair shop owner claimed that the first inspection fees are cheap, only cost 20-30 dollars, where you can check the repair, alsoMay not be built here. But after the plant master dIsassemble the Car a lot, claiming that there Is a problem with the line, check the plant to stay, thIs Car check-ups to turn a 10-fold, to $ 300, Is too far off the mark.

three shady: private demolition vehicles mainly free hand member

in the Automotive repair, some plant maintenance free hand in the case of the knowledge of the owner dIsassemble major components of the Car. Many owners the Car into the garage or a garage, and most of all not know their own situation vehicle repair, maintenance instructors into the shop owners refused to vIsit the actual situation of the vehicle, the right to know the owner can not be guaranteed. For some larger repair work, the owner may require the maintenance of large master the entire repair process with its own clearly explain it again, make yourself more clearly aware of the entire process. In addition, some of the major components such as dIsmantling the engine, gearbox and let the owners know in advance of any service station or repair shop in private demolition can not rule out the “back door” to destabilize the possibility of Car quality, the owner could have complained to the authorities so as to protect their own rights and interests related.

Inside Story four: the lIst Is not lIsted sneak repair project: to look after the dangerous condition of the vehicle’s warranty claims, but the lIst submitted to the insurance and repair projects but the actual repair a far cry from the lIst, some of the maintenance items marked but no maintenance. Weapon: advIsed owners of more than a mind at the time of settlement, Carefully review the fees of maintenance projects, avoid unnecessary dIsputes arIse.

for the same broken-down vehicle can also be more consultation several maintenance works: first Car owner can purchase the original sent to the 4S shop inspection, and then to look for other plant maintenance reference, different repair shop maintenance staff even lie, saying that does not mean the same, always surprIsing flaws.

reminded: “shop around”, after multi-contrast, tend to make reasons for the failure of the vehicle inspection more clearly, from which the owner can determine which Is correct, which paradoxically