Saying that the evolutionary hIstory of automobile tires

In the era of rapid development, most people only Care about Cars constantly replacing old ones, Care the Car’s performance, configuration, but few people take Care of important Auto parts – tires. The continuous development of the Car, the tires and the Car Is also common development and evolution of the Automobile has also spawned a constantly changing tires, today small for everyone to talk about the evolutionary hIstory of the tire.

before the 19th century, the development of the tires has been a long process. Tires were made of wood, iron and other materials, we can see on the video materials, whether American or foreign ancient chariot coach can see the tire made of wood. ThIs tire in the process of moving bumpy, ride comfort Is not high, and traveling fast enough.

ThIs wooden tire has experienced thousands of years, until the later opening of new routes from Columbus brought back from the West Indies Island of Haiti in the rubber block found that local children playing rubber lumps, then a few years later, the rubber Is widely applied to Automobile tires, rubber tire gradually becomes hard tires made from wood tires, of course, it Is also inseparable from the Car at the time of budding and development stage.

Although the material has been replaced with rubber tires, but still very uncomfortable on the ride experience, the noIse Is relatively large. That it Is, in 1885, the emergence of the first gasoline-powered Car, the gradual application of Cars and accelerate the development of the pneumatic tire. Speaking of the development of the pneumatic tire Is a very lucky coincidence of circumstances, Dunlop when riding a tricycle with hIs son, hIs son complained solid rubber tires uncomfortable, suddenly excited Dunlop inspiration, makes pneumatic tires again come out.

Today’s Car tires, Car performance with the increasingly strong performance of the tire Is getting stronger, but also security greatly rose modestly, in the case of tire gas shortage, they can also travel short journey. Vacuum tires, snow tires, removable tire, meet the drivers, handling, durability, comfort, different needs have been improved.