Sales volume has dropped, but Why sell BMW Cadillac ATSL three lines?

The United States Is the most famous Cadillac luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz BMW Cars are much cheaper than the price, power output can be very to the force, the entry-level luxury field ATSL also very well-known, but unfortunately the BMW with three lines compared always a lot worse. From thIs year’s market, Cadillac sales fell another ATSL! Only 1.6 million units in the first quarter, only last month, more than four thousand units.

like Cadillac fans are very simple, it Is like the simple and crude, the fans and my heart has been in doubt: the same Is a sports Car Why BMW Cadillac ATSL sold, but three lines? Cadillac Is not enough movement?

From thIs point of view the appearance of the trolley, body lines clear water chestnut, surrounded by a circle of aluminum trim, headlight design Is also stylIsh enough, the overall style Is very sporty.

From the view of the Car interior, the new Cadillac significant progress table with the synthetic leather, paint in the control panel Is piano, the work Is a BMW rough name, saying Cadillac regarded as just about the same, right?

ATSL high version of the steering wheel shift paddles, but not the whole system of the liquid crystal instrument panel, the intermediate piece 8 inches positioning interactive dIsplay, a Bluetooth connection, a mobile phone network with the Car networking. The Car Is really a lot of bright spots, the whole system comes standard with run-flat tires, a key to start, keyless entry and a BOSE sound, three-line Is much more generous than the BMW.

high version material Is leather seats, the front row seat memory function with heating, rear armrest with a cup holder, down the space very spacious.

Cadillac most attractive or power, mounted 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum horsepower 279, the maximum torque up to 400 Nm hundred kilometers long as 6.2 seconds, one hundred kilometers brake as long as 28 meters, data performance in various aspects perfectly.

The new ATSL really good, it Is a benchmark for a new generation of sports Car Is not excessive, but unfortunately not in proportion with sales reputation.

mention the quality of the Car, many people feel that BMW Is certainly better than the Cadillac, in fact, Is not necessarily true, these two Cars are half a dozen small problems that a lot of the BMW, a Car should be a matter of luck, not in thIs regard Japanese Cars do not admire.

According to personal opinion, not as good as the BMW Cadillac for two reasons: First, the Car Is the lack of highlights, the second Is not as good as the BMW brand influence.

with respect to the three-line BMW, Cadillac ATSL lack of highlights, not the appearance of the Car sports package, the interior also are mediocre, the other hand, BMW has put angel eye headlights, kidneys grill, T-shaped steering wheel, shift knob chicken developed into a corporate culture, see thIs configuration Is immediately thought of BMW. BMW Is about to face another three lines facelift, the cash price Is very cheap, Cadillac’s advantage Is not large.

Cadillac influence in the country Is far less than the BMW, Mercedes and Audi with the US Department of Cars habitually referred to as “gas guzzlers”, everybody knows it Is a good Car, do not think of when it can buy a Car. Even if the price were lower, thIs brand really not a short time can be accumulated, sales fell up and downs are normal.