Rhyme courier scratches BMW car, maintenance costs required 10,000 yuan, hIs father was admitted to the hospital gas

Today the city Is busy coming and going, in the bustling crowd among vehicle accidents happen every day. Zhejiang Mr. Wu reflect that he Is sitting at home, bad from the outside, and hIs own parked on parking BMW sedan, Is a rhyme courier riding a cable Car up to scratch, beginning commitments to lose money service but back home.

Mr. Wu lived in a dIstrict of Xiasha, he showed us the damaged vehicle, rear paint Is scraped, the body hit the bump, Finally desperation made of sheet metal, the Car left the back door was also scraped paint.

happened at 11 pm, Mr. Wu was hIs own Car parked in the parking area outside the east gate, Wu rest at home at noon that day, Mr. Wu was downstairs phone calls to businesses, saying that hIs Car was scratched, the master cells of any toll see the whole process of what happened. Any master told Reporters that a rhyme courier riding a cable Car, going to Guairu dIstrict, because the results did not control almost dropped my Car, then put the other direction of a street, Mr. Wu’s Car hit at a time when Car battery or turn , and then courier to help up the Car battery on the bike left the scene.

Mr. Wu said the incident two hours later he received a call the courier, saying they would be back soon, compensation for Mr. Wu, then rhyme express leaders and police also rushed to the scene, the traffic police are given the full responsibility of the courier judgment. After the insurance company to assess the damage, given the cost of $ 10,000, followed by Wu proposal, and the courier service to the 4S shop together, and bear the costs of vehicle maintenance, said the courier was no money, give yourself a little time to raIse money Mr. Wu can feel that since the courier offered compensation, the character he Is still very reassuring, then went to the 4S shop to repair themselves, let courier to raIse money.

18 vehicle maintenance Is completed, the amount 4S repair shop given as 9919 yuan, followed by Mr. Wu once again linked to the courier, the courier said he put things to hIs mother, hoping that mothers can take their own money, hIs mother had had coronary heart dIsease, Is what I have heard in the gas admitted to the hospital.

Reporters telephone contact on the couriers often master, often the master said hIs mother did in the hospital, he Is now in hIs hometown in Shandong, mothers need for hospitalization medical expenses, hope Wu Mr. not give yourself a little time to do their own crystal business before, but because to lose money more, and finally to Hangzhou stem from the courier, the results just five days Mr. Wu classes to hit the Car. But Mr. Wu’s money, he Will return, but they can not guarantee that one day may return. Talked about hIs escape after the crash at the time, often master also gives hIs own interpretation. Often the master said he was not to escape, but was himself injured, then go to the hospital for a bandage. Mr. Wu also said that understanding often master the difficulties, often Willing to master some time.