Returnees returning to drive a car repair shop business, specializing in BMW, the industry caused a sensation

In Hunan, a company called “3S center wing treasure” of Auto repair shop, the maintenance point of professional repair and maintenance of BMW Cars, thIs repair factory owner after 80 Master returnees to returnees entrepreneurship, access to the first Changsha City “venture hundred stars.”

Britain has accumulated Auto repair experience

in 2001, at the age of 18, after Cui Lei graduated from high school, he went to study in the UK. In less than six years, he received a Bachelor of Science degree and a graduate degree in computer science and management of the University of Manchester. In the meantime, due to the high cost of studying and living expenses, Cui Lei began to study while working, and agents involved in Automobile insurance business.

due to good communication skills, many students at the school to buy a Car would ask him to do “high participation.” “Cui Lei to find a Car” became buzzwords of international student groups, Cui Leili with spare time to develop their own interest, to start selling a used Car and Auto insurance business.

In 2003, Cui Lei, in cooperation with the BritIsh Car repair shop to help foreign students to repair vehicles. For a long time, Cui Lei has accumulated extensive personal connections and customer resources. HIs business grew and grew, a month can earn $ 150,000.

after Four years after the end of Cui Lei, with hIs pot of gold and a BMW returned to the US. After

off “dress”

, Cui Lei put forward an idea: “the price difference between domestic and foreign Car repair Is so great, Why not abroad 3S shop maintenance mode introduced to Changsha?”

with experience accumulated in recent years in foreign countries, Cui Lei began to gather a group of technical personnel, combined with sound foreign sales maintenance and management system, he created the Hunan-based “3S” repair shop specialized repair BMW, a time to attract a large number of BMW owners, far more than the ordinary amount of marketing Auto repair shops, on making millions, for a time caused a sensation, causing concern in the industry.

Is committed to contribute to the community, to do public

As the business grows, Cui Lei Is committed to public welfare. As long as the Car-related charitable activities, he would not mIss. And joint cooperation faithful Car run from the Hope Primary School, also in hIs shop Is 3 College Students practice.

thirties, Cuilei Cheng set up hIs own information company, providing high-end information technology services Hunan manufacturing company. “I want to use their power to contribute their efforts to the development of the manufacturing sector in Hunan.” Cui Lei said.

In response to business entrepreneurs, Cui Lei also expressed their views. Return to familiar and unfamiliar environment, returnees must first take off “clothes”, so that they adapt to the local market to learn more about domestic knowledge, and they like to do it, and then stick to it.

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