Reproduction “Guards paint”, life Is not sprayed to the car wash

With the continuous development of science and technology, the Car had become necessary transport trips, buy now Car more and more people, but the price Is expensive about it, the owner who Is also the meticulous Care, protection plus, in order to make my Car as light and spacious new day, the Car wash Is essential for one thing.

over the most recent period, the United States there was a young man to create a new paint, almost overthrew the Car wash industry, I heard that thIs Will not harm the paint and body paint painted on it, a lifetime do not have a Car wash, if you want applied to the clothes can also, almost brain-hole wide open.

ThIs Is a super-hydrophobic coatings, can crowd out any liquid, and our eyes can not see, it was still holding them to stop the experiment, in on a piece of paper, pour the paint on it, and then into a liquid egg, actually found that they do not integrate, waterproof effect can be described as ferocious ah!

In fact, the coating layer Is manufactured using nano-technology, belongs to a transparent object, it Is coated in the Car dry, it Is possible to constitute an outer air layer, it can be a good cut off water and some stains, so it can make the appearance of the Car, adhere to the new look.

although thIs new creation Is very creative, but it was not virtually scratch external forces, otherwIse it Will affect the results, with the introduction of thIs liquid, people are very excited that the future no longer have to worry about ink stains get on top of the Car, bring a lot of easy living, but some people worry that thIs liquid Will not have a softening effect, thIs what we want to say it?