Reporters site vIsits: Laundry auto repair shops run dental clinics to resume business

Long City Network News (Reporter Juan Road) went to the season when a down jacket, coat can wash it? The maintenance of my Car, the Car repair shop open yet? Oral dIseases made, you can go to clinics do? …… March 19, correspondent of Shijiazhuang laundries, Car repair shops, dental clinics conducted field vIsits.

laundry: season becomes off-season

a chain of laundries in Shijiazhuang Tianyi road, the Reporter saw the shop In addition to a staff member, and no other customers. Zhao said the clerk thought hope, laundry resume business has ten days, customers mostly residents of the surrounding community based.

“In general, the 51 period from next year after eleven are laundry peak season, now Is when the season changed, laundries season, became off-season. “Zhao hope thinking that the store’s rent 4,000 yuan a month, the current business situation Is not very good. “One day before we can close the store three to four pieces of clothing, now day also received more than a dozen, half less than usual.”

laundry clerk Zhao hope Is thinking of clothes Care. Great Wall Road New Media Reporter Juan

10-15 yuan shirt, wool, cashmere coat 30-60 yuan, 30-60 yuan …… Down on the wall Reporter saw the laundry, has posted a variety of clothes to wash price lIst. Zhao hope thinking that before the implementation of the price charged also laundry, membership Cards as usual.

“Now the epidemic Is not over, Dry Cleaning safe?” A Reporter asked.

Zhao hope thinking that we receive these stores have to wash clothes, after classification, special clothes with a dIsinfectant after dIsinfection unity, then dry, Is to ensure security in the of.

for nearly an hour interview, the Reporter happened to meet a customer to pick up clothes. MIss Gu Keli told Reporters, “where the dry cleaning for several years, Is also a member of the old, quite trust the store, I feel very at ease.”

Car repair shop: Consumers store twoPoIson clerk two temperature

during the

epidemic, the family Car broke down how to do? Car repair shop as scheduled sideline yet? Shijiazhuang XIsanzhuang on the street, Reporters saw several Auto repair shops are already open normal business.

One has a deft repair Automotive repair shop manager Li Haiyun. Great Wall Road New Media Reporter Juan

have in a company called One deft repair Car repair shop, Car wash and some staff, some maintenance done to the Car, some Car for maintenance. A staff member surnamed Zhang, said, “Every time done a live, Will be on their own once dIsinfection, so that one person, one Car a dIsinfectant.”

manager, told Reporters Li Haiyun now open a tire repair shop, maintenance, Car washing and other basic services, such as Automobile beauty business Is not yet open. “Before the epidemic than with the turnover ratio also dropped by less than half before. Before the store one day into more than 60 vehicles, about 30 vehicles a day now.”

For security sake, the store also increased dIsinfection measures. “We store dIsinfected twice a day, once each morning, afternoon, the clerk twice a day to measure body temperature, the clerk clothes are changing day by day, day by day wash, do protection work from our own.” Said Li Haiyun .

Dental Clinic: medical appointments only accepted treatment for

“pain Is not a dIsease, pain up to death.” Teeth ill suddenly guilty, and now he can finally find a doctor of their choice.

March 19, Is located in Xinhua DIstrict Shou Liang dental clinic formal resumption of business. In the dental clinic Shou Liang, put a table at the entrance, there Is forehead thermometer on the table, regIstration form, alcohol, hand sanitizer, dIsinfectant wipes and other items, also has a dedicated waste recycling bins masks.

Xinhua keep bright region dental clinics. Great Wall of new media Reporter Juan Road photo

patients entered the clinic, it Is necessary to measure the body temperature information, to regIster the name, gender, telephone, treatment time, date and so on. Because it Is the firstDay return to work, a morning time only one patient to seek treatment.

“clinic admIssions of patients need to make an appointment in advance by phone or online, in order to seek treatment and avoid aggregation. Only treatment for some simple oral dIseases or emergency, like the current scaling, tooth extraction and other projects temporarily open. “Shou Liang dental clinic doctors LIshou Liang said.

LIshou Liang told Reporters, “clinic currently has three treatment rooms, the implementation of one person, one clinic, the clinic every time after you use, should be thoroughly dIsinfected, Will make the next patient use . “