Repairman: when buying a car three kinds of body colors do not choose, buy you’ll regret it

With the continuous development of social economy, buying a Car has become a very common thing, many people finally decided on what Car to buy when the color in the election, when they began to screenwriters, because first saw the Car that Is the color of the Car, choose one you like there Is a conspicuous Car Is more tangled. But repairman advIse you not to buy the three colors of the Car, buy you Will regret it. That in the end Is what three kinds of it?

The first move Is not to buy red soul, a lot of people want their Car can be a little conspicuous, Will choose a special ten red, like a Mazda as red, red had to admit that it Is indeed very attractive, but once the paint chips or scratches, then up painting Is a very troublesome thing, because between thIs red paint and varnIshes added a layer of light-transmIssive film, if the touch-up painting, then do not say the high cost of the program Is very complicated.

The second Is do not buy the white metal, the color Is a lot of choices, clean and elegant, but you know, up painting in time, once the temperature , painting angle and thickness can not grasp the good, and then you might have before the desired color deviation.

The third Is do not buy a Car pearlescent paint, thIs paint Is a mixture of paint and fuels made of mica, also called mica paint, which kind of paint Is a very nice, so a lot of Cars also use thIs paint, but once there are scratches, up painting when, before there Will be no color, and even the highly skilled master repair, there are still very large chromatic aberration.

These three colors are the repairman recommended not to buy, want to buy a Car Is about to help you!