Repairer old master broke the News: the three major car maintenance 4S shop the most useless, you caught it?

now the 4S shop, no longer make money by selling the Car, more of a rebate by manufacturers and Car maintenance repairs and other after-sales service to earn a profit, especially in the Car repair and maintenance Is the 4S shop make money weapon. Especially in these projects, almost 4S shop specifically to the money pit, then to the 4S shop maintenance, never even play a useful role, and has spent a lot of money. Take a look at what? Repairer old master broke the News: the three major Car maintenance 4S shop the most useless, you caught it?

The first Is the engine maintenance package, which we just had a change of oil filter can result must have been hoodwinked become the engine maintenance packages. Whether your Car Is new or used Car, to the 4S shop do not know if you have encountered such a situation during maintenance. They Will recommend to you oil additives, said the effect of the hype. Having said that, the question Is, additives do not fall within the scope of maintenance, the aim Will clear.

Second, the Automobile oil cleaning. Car cleaning oil Is actually a Carbon deposition process. When you open the way, and then driven back to 4s shop for other maintenance, the general staff Will tell you that your Car too much oil coke, what to do to clean up, otherwIse the valve Will not be tightly closed and leak gas, causing the engine difficult to start, unable to work and the valve by ablation. In fact, it does not know Is that as long as we run a race on the highway can take advantage of the wind speed to solve the problem of Carbon deposition.

Third, the maintenance of tires and brakes. Many of my friends have experienced tire maintenance, after all the bad tire replacement Is a very troublesome thing, the most important Is that its value Is also quite expensive. When the tire of the Car wash clean, beautiful on it, but some places have to recommend to you, tires waxing, the cost it takes to have enough to wash the Car several times. After the brake pads have any brakes ointment cleaning agents such as some costs …… done, the people are sCared, tire change Is cleaner than other times, hit a tire wax. Hearts regret ah meal, just to find a Car wash Will be solved, Why spend more money wasted.

In short, in terms of vehicle maintenance must be to know how to dIstinguIsh between the money spent on flowersMoney should not be spent remember not to give, otherwIse there can only tighten their belts to the end of the terms and eat it up.

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