Repair the old master: the three most useless car maintenance project, do not be silly 4S shop “pit” the

repair the old master: the three most useless Car maintenance project, do not be silly 4S shop “pit” was. For now 4s shop inside, too early it Is no longer just rely on selling Cars come too far, that Is, by more number of manufacturers rebate, or Car maintenance project to earn more profit, then especially for the Automotive repair and maintenance, Is also leaving 4s shop pocketed their profits Yeah, but in which such a process, 4s shop also can extend a lot unprecedented maintenance projects, so these are also the maintenance documents Some of the above no services, but also for 4s store for him flicker when you do these projects, so many owners are also fully understand, Will give them hIs Car, so let them in maintenance after a pass Will be out for more money, but after reading also think people really dumbfounded Yeah, if you do not know when to do maintenance or maintenance which parts of words. Not only spent a lot of time and money, but also our Car might cause excessive maintenance phenomena, so here’s some master craftsman repair shop, it Is also here to remind the owners and friends, for the three maintenance projects also do not need to do, not only of no use, but also wasting money. So today I say, that Is the old master repair works represent three Car maintenance project Is also the most useless do not, do not be silly pit.

first want to say Is, add a glass of water and antifreeze these Issues, and for such a trivial matter, the fact Is, and we usually refueling Is the same, absolutely do not need to go to 4s shops dedicated to do only caveat, which Is not a mIstake on it, like a glass of water and antifreeze so they are also different filler, as long as after you give them points clear, then not only a waste of time, but also Will not waste a lot of money, but you could not tell if the case, be sure to drive around to find a friend, or inside the shop in question more clearly 4s .

The second Is to clean the engine compartment, in fact, for our Car, if the case Is dirty, and generally are going to the Car wash inside thIs cleaning, then for inside Car wash Car wash, then, But also Will allow us to become more clean Cars, Will not only clean the outside, but also inside the Car interior cleaning of some particularly clean, then either the owner or the Car wash workers generally you Will not Care about cleaning the Car engine compartment, and if you Will be open to the Car 4s shop, then staff Will also open the engine compartment, they Will also think it Is expected to do, but also above were covered with dust and a few cattle, one in the especially when they also Will be encouraging you to wash the engine compartment to the morning, so thIs time we must not be fooled again, and if we do not do the waterproofing measures when cleaning the engine compartment, it could easily put some electric Interface or Wow, Careless of the water, so our Car since the damage Is great.

The third wheel maintenance Is to say, in fact, for those of us who are also aware of the wheels of the Car, it Is also very important, and all of the important parts of our body are also Carried by all the wheel, then the wheel and the road he Is keeping close contact with every day, so whether it rains or snows weathered the weather, it can be said hIs involvement Is something special, so if we go to 4s shop, the staff recommended a wheel on top of the fact, for the maintenance of maintenance Is also totally useless, because cleaning and waxing the wheel, then looked at Is quite beautiful, thIs Is to let our Car turned into the new Car, but he also brought the vehicle Is used, so the give a simple example, if we like, like cleaning shoes, wear it more beautiful, but for the individual, or come into contact with the ground Is completely unnecessary. So for the above mentioned three projects, the maintenance of the master said Is completely useless, so do not spend money again up.