Repair shop to do maintenance, these projects futile, silly money to be mIserable pit

all the time in the usual Car, there Is no overlooked Car maintenance problem? In fact, even the old Car driver in the maintenance time, the easy way to directly to the repair shop, then went to the lounge waiting for their own, do not stare at the next, and finally even the Car to do what kind of maintenance projects do not know. Many owners in the maintenance Car repair shop when he was a fortune pit. In fact, Car maintenance time, there are some projects simply are not necessary, we had better pay attention to these items in the following maintenance items to do maintenance, these projects simply do not need to do, but also very expensive.

First, the first item Is the air clean. Although air conditioning Is very important indeed clean, but clean air conditioner Is very simple, you can buy a bottle of air conditioning cleanser, then do it yourself clean. If you do clean the air conditioning repair shop, the cost would then have to spend a hundred dollars.

Second, the second item Is about the conservation of the tires, under normal circumstances the repair shop, the staff just check the tire the damage, if there Is no tire thing, then give tire inflation, tire pressure Cece, which Is regarded as a complete set of conservation projects.

ThIs project really Is not necessary, you can check it yourself at home, use a tire, look no tires wear drum kits or patterns, then owned a tire pressure sensor, tire pressure tire test to see if the damaged tire Is particularly severe, you can go to repair shop to replace the tires, but if there Is no thing, then, do not maintenance needs to be done, and sometimes staff Will flicker you replace new tires.

The last item Is for paint Care of the Car, some people in the maintenance of the Car and they Will choose for the Car wax coating, coating mainly to avoid paint oxidation, so better able to protect the paint, but if you have done thIs project in the Automotive beauty shop owners before then, when he was doing maintenance do not do thIs project , and generally able to adhere to the wax coating yearLong.