Repair shop old master broke the News: 4 major maintenance at the most useless car, 4S shop to rely on thIs money pit!

repair shop master craftsman broke the News: 4 major maintenance at the most useless Car, 4S shop to rely on thIs money pit! 1. fluid change, and now drive a friend to Car maintenance knowledge to grasp Is not comprehensive enough, it may give a lot of money to produce more oil change of the main road and Is determined according to whether the deterioration. In the case where there Is no deterioration of the oil, can be appropriate to extend the use of time, no time to hear the staff say there Is a problem with your oil. But if the road Is not very good, I suggest that you remember not to save money, or bring their own trouble Is great.

2. The vehicle oil-cleaning, Car cleaning oil Is actually a coke deal, but in the 4S shop to dIscover thIs was in many segments, in fact, we do not know Is that as long as we run a race on the highway can take advantage of the wind speed to solve the problem of Carbon deposition.

3. The most important Is that its value Is also quite expensive. I do not know if you’ve ever seen in person operating or maintenance repair shop shop staff, in fact, when they Carry out thIs operation for the owners, Is simple to clean it again, and then to maintain the tire waxing. Maintenance of such little significance, because the tires are constantly rub the ground every day, waxing and can not relieve thIs friction Is usually recommended that you replace the tires on it about five years, do not deliberately take maintenance measures.

4. Sterilized air conditioning maintenance, a lot of people now go to the Car wash before the summer, many of its staff would recommend thIs maintenance project, but no doubt that the measures they take spray some dIsinfectant or biocide in the air conditioning system. As long as you’ve seen thIs operation, you Will find yourself able to choose some brand products in network dedicated sterilization among these do not need to spend additional funds on top of the four major maintenance Is the most useless Car, 4S shop to rely on thIs pit money!