Repair shop oil Is not necessarily good old drivers are so dry!

to keep a Car in the end how hard? There was a bit older drivers counted T account, with about 100,000 Car, for example, runs 15,000 kilometers a year Is not much, parking fees, fuel costs, maintenance, insurance, Car wash assorted beauty …… owners have to add up to spend a few million to open a new Car a few years can change! So, now keep a Car with raIsing children, the burden Is really heavy. Therefore, there are many owners to save on expenses, Will choose the repair shop for maintenance of the vehicle, as compared to the 4S shop price here Is cheaper than twice.

However, these street repair shop price Is cheap, but the quality of goods to be honest really can not be guaranteed. When we usually with Car maintenance, replacement of the highest frequency of oil, for example. Some repair shop owners who sell price, often very favorable even much cheaper than the market, after participating in some activities simply equal to white! Obviously such a product, it Is unable to use the peace of mind. Then the repair shop fittings Why it Is so cheap?

repair shop maintenance-free protection accessories not fly

In fact, behind the answer Is simple, because quite a few repair shops use accessories are of unknown origin. Their so-called original pieces, some are likely to be refurbIshed from scrap pieces. For stand-alone oil, cheap oil repair shop Will usually come in two ways. First, the recycling of used motor oil to use. According to statIstics, waste oil Is now produced each year around the country to replace as much as 900 to 12,000,000 tons. Among these waste oil, there Will be a portion of the oil was bought by illegal traffickers, sold to small refineries refurbIshed into a new or diesel oil into the market. Even some sinIster plant Will recycle more waste oil (edible oil) to produce oil. These low-grade oil mostly through sales channels around the repair shop, open to circulation in the country.

Second, the direct purchase of primary germ oil. Is well known, various types of oils currently on the market, are extracted from the petroleum base oil and various additives, anti-wear agents, metal protection agents, antioxidants and the like manufactured. So in order to have a good lubricating oil, cleaning, cooling and other functions to ensure the normal operation of an Automobile engine. The primary germ oil Is not a member of the original oil additives, it Is due to the low cost so the price Is very low, so it Is loved by some of the repair shop to become a major selling merchandIse.

After reading the above, go to the repair shop maintenance Car owners, Is not it feel shivers? If the oil Is good to extend the use of the Car, allowed to have a better working condition. So part of the repair shop sale of these fake oil, Will undoubtedly bring devastating damage to the vehicle. Since the vIscosity of the oil false, much lower than the normal lubricating oil, easily oxidized, impurities more movement Will increase the friction between the pIston and the cylinder, causing the engine to reduce excessive wear life. And cleaning and cooling of fake engine oil Is also very poor, after prolonged use can cause engine overheating, increased coke, sludge, oil duct blockage and other failures, the worst case, cause the vehicle to early retirement.

want to buy a good oil to avoid the fake key points to keep in mind

complete understanding of the harm of fake oil, then give the owners the next description, how to avoid buying fake oil. The method generally dIstinguIsh between true and false oil, including four aspects, oil color touch, smell, appearance, brand security check. From the oil color and texture, the color looks fake oil poor gloss. Its big sticky feel people feel very sticky, while the pungent smell strong.

As for the appearance of false work oil seal and the mouth portion of the bottle, generally Will vary with the real oil. Unlike genuine bottle smoothly so, there are some roughness, the handwriting identification or overlapping traces blur. The seal may not have special markers manufacturers, and are not neat. Finally, we also call upon the security code by the bottle or to check the authenticity of the official website.

Of course, many fakes face, in addition to spare than the above steps. When buying oil, for brand owners should have some screening. It should be through formal channels 4S online store or physical store, start with the big oil brand oil in good standing. Like many owners are now used by Shell,Not only Is it the largest retailer of Automotive fuel and lubricants, engine oil quality Is outstanding and reliable worldwide, and its super clean, more sought after by many older drivers. It can remove deposits on the engine, protect the engine to make driving more smoothly. At the same time, also can play effectively control oil, reduce noIse, oil vIscosity lasting stability. For those who do not know what to buy oil well owners, it Is an excellent choice!