Repair shop in question do not have to waste money! Automotive most “fear” these four things, very practical!

Is now the standard of living continues to grow, every household can be had on a well-off life, the Car has become a necessity at home, so he provides us with a convenient time, but also on their Car maintenance, the Car open for a long time, there Will be various aspects of the problem, then Xiaobian today to tell you a few simple Car Care tips, repair shops do not have to waste money and that they can maintain the

yellow Car headlights Car headlights do not affect the brightness of shiny yellow lampshade main reason Is caused by prolonged sun exposure, and now Car shade Is made of polyCarbonate ester compression molded plastic, the plastic Is very strong, but also light transmIssive, but also the presence of oxidation and aging phenomena, such as yellow, light Is caused due to frequent, it fear cola, cola because it contains Carbonic acid, citric and other acidic substances, Is a good cleaning agent for rust and oil particularly effective

Will mirror rainy in particular fuzzy water, toothpaste in fear after Mirror above, the toothpaste Is a good mirror cleaner, dip-out toothbrush with ordinary toothpaste, to draw a circle from the center outward mirror brush uniform manner, then washed with water, even in the face of rain, water droplets quickly ruled out, it Will not stick in the mirror, hinder driving safety.

change mark of inspection very difficult to offset long-rub balm can be very good to help us remove the old annual inspection stickers, but also very clean up after clean. The method Is very simple, as long as the drop in the annual offset of the old Car on a few drops of essential balm, etc. Wipe with a clean cloth after a few Fengyoujing thoroughly under cold can easily be knocked off the old inspection stickers.

we all learn it? What do you know of a small Car maintenance methods, share beneath it!