Repair shop encounter BMW 3 Series car accident friends: BMW quality Will generally like it!

Among the many brand models, the safety performance of German Cars Is the most outstanding, absolutely able to rank the forefront in the peer inside. Therefore, in the eyes of many consumers, German Cars have always been “rugged crashworthiness” of the model, which Is one of the reasons they buy German Cars. But with the increasing competitive pressure counterparts, whether or German Cars like the original “rugged crashworthiness” mean? Here we have to explore it!

Recently, I saw a post, said riders at the forum: “A few days ago to repair the plant repair, unintentional in the yard found a BMW 3 Series Car accident, evidently knocked quite serious, do not know that there are people in the Car was not injured! “riders from sharing pictures, thIs Is a white BMW 320Li, I guess we opened four to five years from the style point of view.

3-based left the BMW Car body section more serious damage, two doors have been handed down, serious deformation of the body, A, B, C pillars all knocked deformation, the front windshield was crushed. However, the cabin still maintained intact, curtain airbags also playing out, who estimated the Car was not life-threatening, most skin trauma it!

Later, the riders also told us that at that time out of curiosity, so I asked the master repair factory. Repair factory employee told him that thIs Is a BMW 320 and a large truck hit was because the truck driver grab the yellow light, so the hit Is preparing to turn left BMW. But things are not that BMW owners, and now the family travel.

see here, there are many users have commented: “BMW but also so that the quality of people feel flustered ah,” “even if the Car repaired the owners do not want to open it up “,” BMW quality Will generally like it, better than some of the Japanese Cars, but with the domestic Car almost. ”

The author commented: To be honest, the safety performance of the BMW 320 Is considered a very good, after all, Is not an ordinary Car it faces, but large trucks ! Although severely deformed A, B, C columns, but the drivingCabin Is still intact, indicating that the body quality Is still very good, I do not know how you see it?