Repair shop car repair faster and cheaper than the 4S shop, but worth it?

Many owners must have come across such a choice now, the same repair a small part, 4S shop more expensive than the cost of the repair shop, but also a longer time, but the quality of the repair shop can be reassuring it ? Especially for higher-tech luxury Car Is concerned, fix it tends to eclipse the rice gained nothing. For such a classic chronic problem, brother cylinder Is how you see it?

In fact, the cylinder brother in the repair shop and 4S stores have repaired the Car, where to repair, in fact, too look at the specific circumstances First, the need to change parts: not recommended to go to the repair shop suppose you are involved in the maintenance of replacement parts, especially the Big Three categories inside, then the cylinder Columbia suggest that you do not choose the repair shop, 4S shop Is expensive, but at least there Is quality assurance.

If you look Is a novice white, repair shops often do not and you made it clear, deputy plant parts replacement and original no difference. And the price Will cut your knife, the original 300 yuan to sell you a glass window 500, you default and laminated glass that 3,000 of the original without any dIstinction outside. In addition to the concept of substitution, also it Is likely to encounter some copycat parts and scrap parts, these parts no quality assurance, once an accident very easily lead to dIsaster.

replacement parts in repair shops, the case Is only one fly. If you are going to upgrade, modify want to play, at a reasonable price situation Is not a problem. With brake pads, for example, you feel bad original brake pads, you can Amoy brand’s official website, or buy a better online overseas buy to let a repair shop install thIs Is no problem. Second, routine maintenance or replacement of tires: repair shop the OK cylinders brother was advocated point Is the Car older than 3 years old Car can choose to go to a repair shop maintenance. Because of the technical difficulty Is very low maintenance itselfAnd 4S shop things and with the outside Is almost the same, oil, three filter parts suppliers also take over there. But a lot of difference in price, especially 300,000 to 500,000 thIs level models do maintenance.

Example 3 Series BMW, in general 4S shop price Is about $ 1,000, and do maintenance in their own words, can save a lot. Imported oil 4L Is generally in the 250-350 yuan, it Is also a 10,000 km replacement. A good point of the oil filter 60 also few, made probably 40 or so. Coupled with the repair shop maintenance labor costs 50-100 yuan, the total cost would be 500-something points, nearly half cheaper than the 4S. (ps: As an aside, cylinders brother spent a lot of foreign oil, does not have a personal feeling worse than what Castrol, some even feel better.)

in addition to routine maintenance, replacement tires and spark plugs, the throttle valve cleaning maintenance and the like are no technical content, can be assured to a repair shop do. And in recent years with the development of the electricity supplier, these conventional parts prices have been very transparent, and if the owners do not trust the repair shop, can buy the official website, there Is no need to be pit 4S shop. Third, the vehicle refinIsh: can also repair shop, but depends on the craft store refinIshing generally two types, one Is general family Cars make up paint, thIs paint easiest to go up all the same. Even the 4S shop can not be completely identical, and the original Car, so let’s repair shop up painting not a bad idea, after all, a third of the price difference. The second Is a luxury brand with a particular type of paint effects, such as metallic paint, pearl paint and the like. ThIs Is not so much a good finIsh to the repair shop to do it, it Is better to go a little high point of the Car beauty, modification shop. Not only good up painting and equipment, the relevant time, and also the most important relationship craft stores, some good master craft better than the 4S shop.

The question Is, how to choose a reliable repair shop it? Cylinder brother hereAlso to talk about. Step – See word

for the repair shop Is word of mouth Is crucial, and word of mouth to see if there are several ways. The owner or by the owner forums online city riders group, under the group privately ask friends and see what they recommend. But best not to ask the main group, afraid of some repair shop owners and nepotIsm. (Afraid of ten thousand, afraid of the event) The second step – to see the price, and if the insurance companies

price Is also very important for repair shops Is a little too cheap Is bound to be cutting corners, and Is too expensive natural pit stock. Currently, cities face a repair shop up painting Is about 300-400 yuan, up painting if it Is slightly better in between 600 to 800 yuan. Like what local 100 yuan a plane, so we had a little force numbers. Step – See equipment, painting brand

to the shop later how we can kind of construction equipment repair shop, the most important thing Is to see there Is no separate enclosed construction sites, if not, then it Is easy to paint mixed with a lot of dust and impurities, eventually completely spray paint Will be uneven, a long time Will let the paint explosion skin, cracking. There Is concern at the paint brand, the more famous brand PPG, DuPont, Kansai Paint, Nippon these, and the rest are basically the domestic paint. In general can do more than three repair shops are also, a certain size, they do not relate to the core components of repair, general maintenance and repair of these stores You can do the job.