Repair parts replaced three old remembers away, casually sell Is money, or cheap repair shop

repair parts replaced three old remembers away, casually sell Is money, or cheap repair shop

A lot of people Will buy a Car after positive to Car to do maintenance. ThIs Will not only be able to increase the life of the Car, but also can improve driving safety. Owners often have some of the more problematic parts to regularly check if the problem Will be promptly replaced. But a lot of people after the replacement of parts, some of the parts Will not waste lorry away. Probably because these parts seem worthless, and also took little use. In fact, some parts can be taken away, because even the bad can also sell a lot of money, if you do not take it, on the cheap repair shop.

The first Car of the compressor, thIs determines the Automotive air conditioning parts can not be used properly. And such parts due to manufacturing more sophIsticated, if problems are not only for repair, so the price Is relatively expensive. A lot of people after replacing the compressor Will not take away the removed compressor, compressor fact, thIs damage can be sold for hundreds of dollars. So be sure to remember to take away.

Second, the Automobile tires. After all, the tire Is a consumable. If the damage Is relatively large, the maintenance can not solve the problem, you can only choose to replace. Domestic Car market coupled with relatively large, so it Will eliminate a lot of damage to tires per year. So some businesses Will recycle used tires, resell some Car-themed amusement park or store. So these old tires also have their own value, so the tires under these replacement can also be bought to take away, if you do not, then you can take away and the repairman arrived to dIscuss some of the repair money.

Third, the three-way catalyst. The role of catalytic converters Is the harmful Automobile exhaust into harmless other. Since the structure Is relatively simple, only some internal catalyst, so little chance of damage, but congestion problems are more common if the blockage Is more serious, then it must be replaced, the replacement of a new ternary need a few thousand dollars. So change down the old three yuan must take to sell, at least be worth a few hundred dollars.

It would appear that some things still more valuable, or even a few days on top of fuel costs. So, meet replace these things, we must take, or to cheaper repairman. In fact, for three yuan, as long as usual to do maintenance, we do not need to be replaced, but also save a lot of costs. We can often 4S shop to do the cleaning ternary service, so that you can effectively protect three yuan, after all, 4S shop more expensive. We can also choose to use TWC cleaning agents to maintain three yuan.

ThIs cleaning agent as long as tens of dollars a bottle, was added twenty kilometers open tank can be cleaned ternary sieve. And the role of catalyst activity can be restored, so that the cleaning and maintenance of integrated approach Is very welcomed by the owner, a friend in need can try.