Remove car scratch
Remove car scratch


Nothing is worse than to discover a new scratch on the surface of your vehicle… It can be easily solved, be it a mild scratch or swirls, without expensive repair in a body shop. See our article below for a quick guide on how to fix scratches in your car by using some scratch remover tools from Audatex.

Differences in the wording. Scratch and Swirl Remover products generally have similar rubber and polishing characteristics. Scratch and Swirl Removers will be formulated, however, and product instructions tailored for overall light finish defects or localized repair.

Decide what material is best for your car to fix. If the emphasis is on oxidation and dull finish, the most valuable compounds are rubbing and polishing. If the focus is on scratch repair or removal of the finish defects, Scratch Repair or Scratch and Swirl removal products should be the focus.


  1. Clean and dry the car from start to finish.
  2. Mark the scratch, where necessary, with the masking band putting the 1 “above and 1” below the scratch to help the application process.
  3. Apply the microfiber cloth to turtle wax scratch repair & renew for 30 seconds with firm finger pressure.
  4. Dry with a clean towel and inspect the area for the removal of defects. Check the results of the initial hand application and check whether further steps are required.
  5. Reapply scratch repair and refresh to achieve desired results or to make the scratch transparent or invisible.
  6. Repeat up to 5 times the process.
  7. Start by spreading the compound to a broader area for repair.
  8. If the scratch is slightly deeper or the imperfections compromise the car’s surface, we suggest that an orbital DA be used rather than a finger, as this increases the pressure and produces more professional results.

How to remove scratches on the car surface

  • Localized damage to scratches or other paint imperfections, such as stone chips, paint transfer, and deeper abrasions, may require sanding and polishing or paint repair.
  • Paint repair will require the scratch to be filled with a matching touch of paint and a clear coat of paint resin.
  • For more challenging situations, we recommend finding a professional car repair shop near you.


As imperfections appear to be more evident in black cars, we will suggest a unique solution. Our Jet Black range of products uses pigments to mask any light surface marks, swirls, and imperfections to bring out the darkest black look.