Refrigeration also fuel efficient! Summer air conditioning had the knack of people understand the car a few little tricks that makes clothes

further cooling fuel! Summer air conditioning had the knack of people understand the Car a few little tricks that makes clothes

summer, the weather gradually becomes warmer many people Will choose to travel Car travel. The reason Is simple, because you can drive a Car blowing air out, if you choose other travel tools need to move around, walking Is no such thing as before, but in thIs hot summer days, how many people can escape the sun’s nourIshing?

Therefore, people usually have a Car drove out, even encounter traffic jam on the road, they may also choose to leave early, it Will not select replaced by other modes of transportation. So, for these owners, the air conditioning Is a certain consumption, especially for fuel consumption, it Will be a substantial increase in fuel consumption. So how do they should be able to reduce consumption as much as possible of it? Have an understanding of the Car, in fact, must know thIs small way, put the air conditioning on, and thIs can have a comfortable environment but also fuel-efficient, so what thIs method Is it?


The above-mentioned air conditioning can increase fuel consumption, about the accuracy of thIs statement in the end it? In fact, the data shows, thIs argument still has some scientific basIs. Because they have done experiments, when we ambient temperature Is above 20 degrees, the fuel consumption Will increase by 10%, the maximum time it can reach 20%. So if the temperature to 40 degrees, increasing the amount of fuel consumption Will be 30%. The fuel consumption Is closely linked with the engine, so that the air conditioning also indirectly associated with the engine.

So what should we do to be able to reduce thIs consumption of it?

a lot of people like to open the door immediately open air, in fact, thIs practice Is a lot of harm. We should open the windows and let the air flow out of the Car, because the hot air inside the vehicle after the completion of a number of toxic gas emIssions in order to dIssipate the Car, then thIs can reduce consumption of air conditioning.

There Is a lot of people would like to cycle away in the Car, opened outside the loop because it can very quickly put some hot air dIscharged out of the Car, the temperature inside the Car can quickly come down . But thIs approach Is a lot of consumption, especially when you encounter a traffic jam thIs case, thIs time you have the appropriate switch to the inner loop.

thIs way, we can avoid things more. Traffic jam almost Many owners Will not turn off the stop and wait, then so much the Car out of the exhaust emIssions Is very easy access to the Car, but thIs time to switch to the inner loop Is the best way. But there Is one thing to note Is that if you are going to drive long dIstances, you sometimes have to pay attention to ventilation inside and outside the switching cycle.

The last point Is that we pay attention to the supply outlet out of the wind position, we need to know, to the cool air and warm air Is how the summer time, we need to adjust our outlet for the upward direction, because cold air Is to go under, so that we can make instantaneous speed of the Car downhill down, so it Is possible to reduce consumption.

these little tricks down, refrigeration and air conditioning must be fuel-efficient, people serving ah, if you have anything to add , may wIsh to dIscuss the comments section!