Recognized the car very poor quality of the four major brands, bought the car often run repair shops, local tyrants favorite!

In recent years, phone features, more and more people’s hands, an empty office when playing part of the game a little nervous working mood, obviously Is a good choice, so the title of king of diamonds bronze clearly on behalf of individuals real strength level, apparently to achievements in the game industry Is also king price very face of things, then the same in real life, there are a luxury Car as hIs Car but also pieces of very face of things, young people dream Is want to have a own luxury Car, apparently as luxury Cars, high prices are essential, high appearance, luxurious interior, ample power are clearly the standard of luxury Cars, now in the city life, but also luxury Cars can often see the Tigers and had very domineering, but not all luxury Cars in the luxury Car that has good quality control, citing four luxury Cars, which have a large number of online Tucao become worrying quality models, but these luxury Cars, has a large number of consumers rushing to buy, it Is that several luxury Cars, take a look and see if you have heart it ?

In many domestic joint venture enterprIses, the US Department of Lincoln as the country’s second-tier luxury Car brand Is clearly in the country has a good brand awareness, Lincoln’s classic Lincoln Cars longer, apparently it has a high reputation, and not many in the country a few years ago, because at that time the domestic Auto market and not much sales, making the eyes become tasteless Lincoln, and now to the domestic Car market in worldwide are strong purchasing power, which makes thIs model appeared in the domestic Auto market, but people have changed thIs Lincoln lengthen the eyes of consumers has become past tense, but also in the performance of thIs Car, there are some problems, and makes no guarantee on performance, so that the eyes of consumers become poorer quality luxury Car. Recognized the Car very poor quality of the four major brands, bought the Car often run repair shops, local tyrants favorite!

There are several other similar.

Alfa Romeo in appearance very cool, with a potential luxury Car, after all, hundreds of thousands of Cars, but very low end on the material used to build Cars, Although it seems a very high sense of quality, and purchase it after very sorry, but also in the use of the process, with many small problems, and maintenance costs are particularly high,After making many consumers buy it regretted.

in the new energy vehicles, Tesla name of the first Is obviously very high, the market cool appearance model S, and high-performance acceleration making luxury Cars to become the eyes of the local tyrant, but in the course Is very general, poor quality Tucao become more of a luxury Car.

Land Rover domineering appearance Is clearly Needless to say, thIs Is a luxury Car and have the title, but sales in the country Is very high, and in the use but the process often fails, to become the largest Tucao models, but also to make the appearance of domineering tyrant Willing to buy the fare increase.