Rear-wheel drive four-cylinder 8AT, the owner said with a smile: Not all are three-cylinder BMW 1 Series

BMW’s position in the Automotive industry believe that no one dares to doubt, on motion control with very few Car companies can match, the more common domestic BMW Cars are three lines, five lines with seven lines, which BMW Is the world’s best-selling three-line entry-level luxury Car brand, sought after by the young owners.

BMW models in order to expand their field, last year launched the domestic A-class Cars – the BMW 118i, the largest Car “bright spot” Is not manipulation and movement, but the whole system equipped with a 3-cylinder engine, dignified luxury brand models actually began to spread three-cylinder engine, thIs behavior for a time became a staple of fans joke. But BMW Is BMW, after all, three-cylinder BMW 118 on sales are no better than the four-cylinder Audi A3 poor, blue sky appeal really should not be underestimated.

Domestic BMW I believe we have seen, and below which imported BMW Is indeed quite surprIsing, in the 4S shop just ran into the delivery of the vehicle to the scene, the owner said with a smile : not all are three-cylinder BMW 1 Series, thIs Is the real import 120i hatchback, the standard drive, four-cylinder, 8AT, Will not lose control on the BMW 320, it seems the owners are also loyal to pure (there money) people.

BMW 120i angel eye headlights not open hIs eyes, double kidney grille Is the old way, LED daytime running lights Is classic.

thIs BMW’s wheelbase Is only 2690mm, vehicle length 4341mm, the hatchback Is also a relatively small, if one word to describe thIs Car then, personally feel that it Is: the best handling household hatchback, BMW driving feel Is absolutely the essence of unity of people and vehicles.

like the BMW fans must be very familiar with thIs steering wheel, M sport exclusive T-shaped steering wheel, there Is a combination of red and blue “M” EnglIsh logo at the bottom, grip the steering wheel Is common Incomparable.

as a BMW, and ultimately, of course, the most chicken stalls, attractive appearance and easy to operate. Any degree for a Car company known for 8AT gearbox probably can not match BMW 120i’s speed with thIs shift calledPerfect, dynamic call.

said that imported Cars than domestic Cars work good, in fact, except the top model, the general quality of the Car Is really about the same, the plastic Is plastic, which Is aluminum are also aluminum, which Is the handbrake and certainly no less.

dashboard design

120i Is relatively simple, maximum speed of 260km / h, a middle lane dIsplay, tachometer right below there are red and blue colors, the familiar BMW fans really are particularly sensitive to these two colors.

There are arranged the Car power sunroof, a start key, a variable steering ratio, plus movement of the seat memory function, there are many options for installation.

A lot of people say that they are talking about the BMW 1 Series three-cylinder, three-cylinder Is actually imported Cars, four-cylinder with six-cylinder are involved, with low Is a three-cylinder 1.5T, 2.0T Is a four-cylinder, while the M140i Is the 3.0T inline six-cylinder power performance are significantly different.

2.0T four-cylinder BMW 120i Is standard, a maximum 184 horsepower, maximum power of 135kw, hundred mph 7.2 seconds faster than the average speed of 320.

thIs 120i hatchback highlight Is the control, rear-wheel drive + 8AT gearbox has been the forte of BMW, if only the urban areas it Is certainly the preferred means of transport If you want to take into account the home Is in space inadequate.