Really necessary car maintenance to the 4S shop it? In fact, all right, but thIs situation must be to the 4S shop!

Many owners after buying the Car, it Will be more emphasIs on maintenance, maintenance of very large projects, including an oil change, three filter, spark plugs are regarded as little maintenance, including major maintenance, brakes oil, transmIssion oil, brake pads and so on. If we are not timely maintenance, then the damage to the Car Is relatively large. We all know, in the Car when the first insurance 4s shop Is free, so the question Is, Is the Car after a first insurance, there Is no need to go to 4s shop maintenance, which many owners more tangled Issue, the following Xiao Bian gave you analysIs together.

outside the repair shop for maintenance relative, Car 4s shop in the degree of focus on brand models Will be more professional on the efficiency of maintenance Is relatively high encounter some of the more complex vehicle breakdown, 4s shop also has some high-end equipment, it can well be resolved. But I do not like to go to 4s shop maintenance reasons, mainly because of 4s shop maintenance costs relatively high, even where there are some very routine trap charges, so many owners Will make more dIsgusted.

with respect to the outside 4s shop maintenance organizations, Will be cheaper the price, if not trouble trouble with your vehicle, processing, general rarely customers receive higher fees, the price Is more concrete. But from a professional point of view, the master repair shop in the 4S shop repair Is technically not as good as a professional, not just because of maintenance master repair the kind of brand models, so mixed but not fine. The Car maintenance when we go somewhere in the end it? Let us analyze it.

First, when the Car insurance in the first period, the owner must Carry out maintenance in the shop 4s, so as to ensure the best use of the Car can be in the state, these parts need to be replaced and the place, 4s shop are basically Car-specific, and outside maintenance organization that difficult to do thIs over the Car after the first insurance period, Is not you can not go to 4s shop? In fact, ordinary little maintenance, you can not go to 4s shops, but when the Car ran in the 50,000 km and 100,000 km of such big stages, still need to go to 4s shops to do the professional major maintenance, so it Is possible for the Car usage summary and make a record, helpTo help solve the problem of the vehicle. Another example of some of the larger failure, the owner it’s best to go in for repair shop 4s, 4s shop because of more professional service, and guaranteed in quality.

In addition, if the vehicle Is only thIs small oil changes or tire maintenance, repair or small, then it can not go to 4s shops, because 4s shop maintenance services Is relatively high, and the maintenance of thIs project there Is no difficulty, some relatively strong ability of owners, even their own can get. Of course, if you do not feel at ease in maintenance outside, then spend more money to go to 4s shop maintenance Is understandable.

In summary, not to say that the Car had no need to go to the can after the first insurance 4s shop, and for some major maintenance and repair projects, go to 4s shops do quite reassuring.